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January 10, 2017

The Epidemic of Murders and Shootings

Harry M. Covert

Here it goes again. Another police officer killed on duty. One of the many sworn in the manhunt for the killer dies in pursuit.


The above occurred Monday in the sunshine state. Back to Chicago. The weekend just past shows one murdered and eight shot. In the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, two are killed over the weekend. In Baltimore seven were shot but haven't died.


Let's backup a few days to Fort Lauderdale's airport last Friday. Five passengers died and eight plus were injured in a shooting.


I've already commented on the despicable Chicago Four abusing the mentally handicapped boy.


There is no reason to ask why all these vicious crimes keep occurring. The answer is easy. The public knows quite well that lawlessness is rampant.


With some trepidation, I write that Frederick County and numerous local governments and Frederick City have escaped any recent murders and shootings.


There was some kind of alleged honors program Sunday. If people figured that some of the glittering class had any sympathetic expressions for the Chicago brutality, or other national murders and shootings, the elegants didn't. Can we say the dream world is more than somewhat self-absorbed?


Several people have written that the Chicago Four should be sent to solitary confinement for the rest of their breathing days. I agree wholeheartedly.


Another communicant suggested sentencing the four to general population. The likelihood is they'd be welcomed with shanks and shivs and other devices held by other inmates. Jailers – corrections officers – know about these things.


Murders and shootings are epidemic and running amok.


The time for talk and attempts to coerce citizens of all sorts to be law abiding has reached the end of the line.


A few people thought it was too bad the Fort Lauderdale shooter wasn't killed by law enforcement. That would have been too easy. Like the South Carolina church murderer, execution would be too easy, too. He wouldn't live long in a prison environment either.


It is indeed troubling that shootings and killings and other crimes have gotten out of hand. Why have teaching right from wrong in families, schools, churches and synagogues and other educational institutions gone astray?


Has society become so cold it wants to destroy the way of life enjoyed by multi-millions? Sure seems that way.


Lifestyles by and large and far and wide is mighty good. Yes, there are exceptions. While lots want to denigrate law enforcement in all variations, they are the nitwits. I could have used stronger language. Readers get the point.


Our states must not be sanctuaries for anyone foreign or domestic. As I've mentioned previously in these pages, immeasurable resources are available to preserve and protect the people. Talk is cheap, but immediate action works wonders.


Law breakers in all designations can be nabbed. Just ask police, sheriffs and their compadres. Let them do the job.


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