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January 9, 2017

Chicago Four: Scum of the Earth

Harry M. Covert

One of the most offensive, disgusting and hateful tweets, videos and crimes in the news occurred last week in Chicago.


Do I need to remind that the Windy City has become the murder capital of the nation? That shootings are out of control and municipal and state officials don't have a clue how to bring back real law and order.


I can't imagine why citizens everywhere aren't demanding either the U.S. Army or the Illinois National Guard be called out to patrol the streets. I know the deal of the “Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.” The Feds can't use federal troops to quell domestic disputes.


If the time has ever become ripe, it has arrived and martial law should be declared in Chicago, and let the armed infantry take over law enforcement in Chicago. Good Lord Almighty, bring the soldiers home from Afghanistan and Iraq and take care of the killers and shooters in Chicago. What is wrong with America First? Not a thing.


This may sound harsh, and it is. Why should this nation spend any more trillions around the world for cultures that don't care one whit about peace, goodness, productive lives and happiness?


My anger has reached the boiling point. The story concerns a mentally handicapped, who thought he was friends, was beaten, scalped, made to drink from a toilet and taunted for being white and a Trump supporter. The tormentors, two women and two men, were young blacks who knew their victim at school. They even tried to extort $300 from the boy's family.


Those children, and later adults, who endure mental limitations far and wide, have no guile with other people of any race or creed or ethnicity.


The incredible matter in Chicago is hard to forget. The four attackers are in jail without bond and will likely get long prison terms. They should. They should be sentenced to work in facilities treating handicapped, disturbed or physically and mentally challenged patients. Under armed guards possibly.


Other stories have come to light where handicapped children in the District of Columbia, and several Maryland and Virginia, public schools have been sexually assault in their wheel chairs and on school buses by teachers.


Sure, I know the legal bit that all are innocent until proven innocent in court. In the Chicago matter the four criminals did their felonious crimes on video, which they purposely aired live on social media. This ranks in the class of the Middle East terrorists, who enjoy beheading and setting on fire victims.


They can only be described as scum of the earth. No apologies. The Chicago Four deserve no mercy. No bleeding hearts, please.


Parents of disabled children know the fear of sending them out into the real world. We trust and pray they will be treated respectfully, courteously and fairly. Isn't kindness and goodness expected for everyone?


As the nation has been embroiled in wars, we are also in locality wars. I hope readers have noticed all of the major shootings over the past few years.


Debate has been uncontrolled over things like waterboarding, releasing terrorists from Guantanamo, public bathrooms and putting up with the threats to basic American traditions and values.


I'm still irate about the horrible mistreatment of that innocent young man in Chicago. I remain indignant police officials took a day to figure out it was a hate crime.


What truly is aggravating, also, is that aggressive enforcement hasn't filled the streets with soldiers with M-4s.


Of course, parents aren't supposed to take the law into their own hands. Most aren't equipped. The state and federal governments have the tools. The plague is real.


I know several parents, who would risk jail, and make certain the violators would pay. Vengeance? Of course not. Protection of family and life. Absolutely!


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