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December 20, 2016

The Will of the People

Harry M. Covert

The plan here has been to rest, enjoy the time of year when by all that's happy can be celebrated en masse.


So, I was wrong. Ongoing events on the national level have assuaged the idea that all's well.


It's accepted that the "best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." Robert Burns penned that and obviously knew what he was talking about.


Normal thinking is that when elections are finally finished, all real Americans come together and start speaking nice about their opponents. This is not a true saying as is so obvious. Seems like losers just don't want to accept the will of the people.


If I may borrow a quote from the movie "Flight of the Phoenix," and I am, losers of the November presidential coup "[are] behav[ing] like stupidity is a virtue."


The squelched at the voting spots must get a grip. For Heaven’s sake, even the "lower orders" are in tune with the affairs of state, despite any untoward thinking as to their academic achievements.


Yes, it is difficult to be defeated. Times change, people move on to other pursuits, particularly in politics; and most citizens don't believe in the overthrow of governments, except by the ballot box. Coup d'états are not known in the history of this country, excepting The Revolution or that War Between the States.


Since the national voting, the free speech guarantee has been preeminent and sacrosanct. Lots of people looking for notoriety and money-raising opportunities have been in the news. They have searched for "rogue" state electors, who would deny their vows of supporting another partisan candidate.


How sad anyone would trade their honor for "30 pieces of silver."


As Harry Golden wrote, "Only in America."


I don't mean to excoriate protesters and losers. Perhaps I am. Consider that change is not always bad. We might not like it at the time but in the long run society in the republic improves.


There are always scars and scabs along the way. That's life, most fortunately in the US of A. As trite as this may appear, opportunities have always abounded for the people, beginning at Jamestown.


Incredibly the nation chose an entrepreneur to be the 45th commander-in-chief. The nation wanted, truly demanded, change from what seems as status quo for years and years.


Why do things have to be the same? They don't. They should not be stagnant.


That's exactly what happened on the Eighth Day of the 11th month of the 2,016 year A.D. A new direction arrives on January 20. The nation will be watching. The world is watching.


Certainly, the nation as we know it is at some division, and that's an understatement, of course. Because there are deep disagreements over politics, meanness, insults and different outlooks must be put aside for all.


Why not? This is a simplification, but it can be done. It must be done.


I'm glad for free speech and the free press. I can take exception to the losers' fake facts and innuendo and not feel threatened. Greats are in the eyes of beholders.


Play on for 2017.


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