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December 15, 2016

Enough With Thugs

Harry M. Covert

Earlier this week I wrote of the continuing lawlessness faced daily by sworn police officers. Several more shootings have occurred. The total dead officers is now in the high sixties. Injuries are soaring.


Such criminal activity is horrible and out of control. Time is overdue for powerful action by all in authority. Perhaps a mightier arm of the law will be seen in the New Year.


My column a few days ago brought many comments. Citizens everywhere are outraged and should be. Is there any wonder everyday people want to carry side arms concealed or open carry?


Here's an excerpt from Tuesday:


"It’s high time families take firm hands, schools to have strong messages on right and wrong, and churches, pastors, church workers to take the lead in preaching and teaching."


A distinguished public official wrote:


"It's been building. We fill cop car trunks with mace, Tasers, bean bag guns, rubber bullets and the latest toy some crony can invent and push on the municipalities. On the other extreme, we have cops with armored vehicles machine guns and other military level gear.


"In the middle we have riot helmets shields tear gas and such.

"I'll just mention the middle. Carrying a plastic shield tells the public you are expected to throw things at cops.

"I would start by removing most of the non-lethal toys to simplify the ‘battlefield’ and lower expense. Next some very public prosecutions of rioters. Twenty people looting a store? Arrest one and put that person in prison for 20 years. Rock throwers? Shoot one down and broadcast the event.

"Get the next potential mob participant thinking about the potential grave consequences.

"Same goes for fighting with police. The instant someone jerks away from an arresting cop or hits a cop, they see five years in prison. You only need to do that a few well-publicized times and civility returns.

"That's my theory.”


A retired undersheriff with over 30-years-experience and a college professor in criminology commented:


"Nicely said. As a father of a Fairfax County, VA, police officer, daily I pray for the violence against police to stop. Be safe Harry and thanks for your support of those who protect us everyday."


Another correspondent with expertise penned:


"Wouldn't it be nice if this was read to and drilled into everyone's head? In any case, the privileged don't have to abide by the rules, or so they think."

It has been uplifting on the Maryland and Virginia fronts that law and order has maintained high standing. Police, sheriffs, state's attorneys and the courts have been distinguished in their crime busting. That's not been true of the District of Columbia. It must be noted that the former police chief resigned because of a decade-long losing battle to curb record numbers of murders, robberies and all sorts of assaults. The chief has moved on to the National Football League (NFL) to handle security measures.


Murders and mayhem must be brought under control. The current grave situations aren't pretend television episodes, books or other media tales. Constant jabber without action is just so-called expert talk without responsibility.


Time for handwringing is over. Interviews with sobbing victims for news-show ratings are not helpful.


Perhaps, "daddy has come home." Now that's not meant to be trite. Whatever level of law is necessary requires simple solutions: wham, bam or bang. Enough with thugs in all categories.


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