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As Long as We Remember...

December 13, 2016

Have Peace and Good Will Gone Mad?

Harry M. Covert

We’re in the happiest and most joyous season of the year. No question about it, no matter what the politically correct crowd like to promote, it’s the season foremost of Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. Repeat these encomiums please. It would sure be grand if there was peace and joy everywhere.


Unfortunately that’s not true.


Consider the turmoil around the nation and the world. The Mideast is dangerous like no time in history. Here at home the tragedy continues to unfold with the epidemic of lawlessness, primarily of shootings and murders of police officers and others in law enforcement.


It is outrageous that citizens think they have the right to disobey legal orders. That they don’t have to follow a policeman’s command to get out of the car, put their hands behind their back or drop that weapon. Or else.


Why bring this up in the Christmas season? Latest statistics show 64 law enforcement officers (LEO) have been killed doing their duty so far this year, well ahead of 2015. Two Georgia policemen were shot over the weekend.


Peace and goodwill have gone mad around the 50 states. There’s no sense in enumerating all of the cop killings here today. It can be sadly report that Maryland and Virginia each have had three officers shot and killed this year. I pray no more will result.


The bothersome thing to me is outrage among law abiding citizens has ebbed too much, except when another shooting hits the “breaking news.” It’s terrible to see sworn officers wear the black ribbon on their badges. The black ribbon indicates there’s a policeman’s death.


Many times the cowards who shoot turn their guns on themselves blowing their brains over all the place for someone else to clean up.


Law and order!!!! What a simple thing to do. Do good! ’Tis still difficult to believe so-called tough guys and gals of all ages, all ethnicities, all backgrounds lose control of themselves.


What can those in authority do to make sure all sections of communities are safe and sound? Yes, it’s nice that police police the community get out and meet citizens, have coffee with them, deliver clothes and sports equipment and other things to the needy.


We know some people have emotional and mental matters causing bad conduct, fatal activities and abusive behaviors in schools, homes and in public. This does not excuse illegal activities, shootings of authority figures or anybody else. It’s high time families take firm hands, schools to have strong messages on right and wrong, and churches, pastors, church workers to take the lead in preaching and teaching.


Police, who defend themselves, answer domestic abuse cases, nab speeders, bank robbers and other ne’er do wells. It’s a tough job. Of late there have been shootings of firefighters attempting to quell fires. When an officer is forced to shoot someone, he or she is put on administrative leave. The reason is to allow department investigators and state’s attorneys to prove the shootings were legal or not. No matter what some might say, the majority of the shootings are good and proper.


Assaults on law enforcement have never been so violent and vociferous. Critics of the sworn should spend some patrol time: see officer being spat upon, lied to, kicked, and threatened with knives, guns and other weapons. Also, critics ought to spend some time walking up and down the jails. The incarcerated are not sweet people. However, many critics have never had feces thrown at them?


Anyone who pulls a gun on a police person may be looking for SBC (suicide by cop). How-some-ever, most aren’t, they’re trying to destroy legal authorities. It took 19 years, but a Georgian who killed a police officer in 1997 got his date with a needle on October 19.


In this season of Good Will, hopes and prayers are flowing that violent shootings will cease. Thankfully, men and women of LEO will be on duty and protecting.


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