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As Long as We Remember...

December 9, 2016

Council Lecture on Being Nice

Harry M. Covert

Followers of this esteemed online commentary can know today we got the news first, before it happened, and didn't have to rub a crystal ball or some other magic wand for the facts.


Eminent county-wide sources knew the score. Bookies and bettors just grinned, while some other know-it-alls grimaced. Certainly any effort to brag can be gaveled out of order. Go ahead folks, just smile and admit it, readers really know what's ahead in Frederick County's politics and can prepare for some disruption in the old way of grabbing votes.


What in the name of Sam Hill, Kilroy, Doc McClellan and similar personages is the subject today?


Earlier this week it was noted the president and vice president of the County Council would be re-elected even though there was heavy vocal opposition. As foreseen here, the vote was 4-to-3. I won't brag on this. I had help from those in the know.


The procedure was held in full view of cable television. I stayed with the festivities for a while, thankful I had hundreds of channels and websites to surf.


Opposition to the re-election of Mr. Bud Otis was loud and clear. He didn't comment other than "call the roll." The vice president MC Keegan-Ayer declined the honor of candidate for the top spot. No surprise there.


The one interesting aspect of the gentle body of legislators was the nice lecture on how to use "please and thank you" in dealing with county staff. That was informative. Hard to imagine that an elected person can't get information from county paid staffers. Acting sweet and polite is one thing, but being an underling is another. No hugging is proper or allowed in Winchester Hall, except in so-called community policing.


Not to appear rude or obstinate, elected council people ought to have some courtroom recourse in this matter. Naturally, courtesy from the majority ought to figure. It doesn't.


I do wonder if those running roughshod over the minority members have any idea of the feelings of those who elected the minority officials. I doubt it, and there was no evidence Tuesday night. They are blinded by heavy dislike. Things are not the same around the county now. The wave that has shaken the national and international political landscapes could well be the omen of what may come.


'Tis amazing what people can see and hear if they open their eyes and ears, especially after enhanced optical surgeries and ear wax removals.


All the political wizards everywhere have been caught dead wrong in their ministrations over the past year or so. Words like con man, non-presidential, and many more, have become popular, laughable and downright indefensible. This goes for all the locals, too.


At the rate county business is operated and legislation stymied, it doesn't take a genius to figure an explosion is probable on the horizon over the next 24 months. The bubbling is becoming similar to watching bootlegging operations.


The revenooers (sic) are watching. They can be called the silent majority.  Watch out, because they could be a moral majority, you know, folks angry with the status quo.


It's not inappropriate to note that "religion is the opiate of the masses." It wasn't Groucho Marx who said that on "You Bet Your Life," but he could have.


By the way, that fellow Donald Trump is invading The Free State Saturday. Advance warning is he's attending the Army-Navy game. Considering this, maybe his minions really want to look over downtown Frederick for a new Trump Tower convention center, the historical society be darned, expletive softened.


Predictions? The man can draw a crowd big enough to make people to forget moving statues of Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney and Gov. Thomas Johnson.


Don't forget, you read it first here.


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