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December 7, 2016

The Great White Hope’s Son-In-Law

Tom McLaughlin

The Great White Hope's transition team seems to defy his promises he made to his constituents. He appointed Steve Mnuchin as Secretary of the Treasury, an entrepreneur, a Wall Street investor and a Hollywood producer. Some might call him a Wall Street insider.


The trouble is that the Great White Hope promised everybody he would not allow Wall Street people to become part of his administration. This seems to defy any logic on behalf of the Great White Hope's brigade.


For Secretary of Defence, the Great White Hope selected Gen. James Mattis, a retired Marine Corps general. This probably means we will be going to war. The first country on the list will be North Korea. The Great White Hope and General Mattis will probably nuke North Korea dropping bombs on Pyongyang and that northeast section in the mountains. The raid will be in secret so the American public will know after the fact. What China's response will be is anybody's guess, but it won't be pretty.


The only sane person among the whole bunch of cabinet nominees is Jared Kushner. In the confusing world with economic jargon and laws he has taken his father's money and become an investor.


From what I understand, he spies a property he wants to buy. Then he gathers together purchasers for the building. They all pitch in a certain amount. When he has enough money, he buys the building. A profit is made when he sells the building, or the rents are added up and split among the investors. He actually doesn't own the building, he owns a small part of it. However, his name and the Great White Hope’s name is plastered as if he did own it.


The Great White Hope’s family and the Kushner family manage these investments. They collect the rents from the condos and split it among the investors as a return. This supports their lavish lifestyle. It is also the reason why the Great White Hope will not release his tax returns because it will tell everyone how little he does have.


Academically, Jared Kushner got off to a slow start. He was admitted to Harvard after his father donated $2.5 million. He majored in Sociology, the easiest of all the majors outside of Physical Education. After his drinking, smoking pot and lackluster grades were over, he decided to buckle down and go to graduate school. Dad paved the way with a substantial donation. He earned his M.B.A. and his law degree. This is a magnificent achievement from New York University.


Jared Kuchner spent his days counting the money and splitting up the profits and losses among the investors. His father, of course, put up the money from his investor friends. Along comes Chris Christie, who makes a name for himself by putting Daddy Kuchner in jail. Jared Kuchner does not like that and has Chris Christie fired from his now father-in-law’s campaign.


As president elect, the Great White Hope also dismissed him from his job as head of the transition team. I firmly believe in Jared Kushner’s decision, not because former prosecutor and now New Jersey Gov. Christie put his father in jail, but because of his involvement in the bridge gate mess. Score one for him.


Mr. Kushner also wanted Mitt Romney as secretary of state. Here was finally someone who made sense to a liberal Democrat like myself who is looking for any semblance of sanity in the transition. The Great White Hope met with Mr. Romney twice, the last time in a very public dinner with reporters sitting at the next table.


Why they didn't have a private meeting in his hotel suite is beyond me, but I think it was to show to Mr. Kuchner that he had met with him and the results were not good. (This column was written on the Sunday before publication and the position of secretary of state had not yet been posted.) Score another point for Kushner.


Another point to his credit is that he belongs to the orthodox section of his faith. His religion preaches the preservation of Israel and tends to lean toward the more conservation parts of the political spectrum. In other words, he is a Republican, but his sociology degree would give him a more liberal bend.


Jared Kushner cannot become part of the Great White Hope’s administration but, hopefully, at the breakfast table, he will be able to temper his father-in-law’s policies on the wall, immigration and war with North Korea which we know is coming. Somebody has to.


...Life is good. . . . .


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