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November 29, 2016

Cops and Robbers and Warrants

Harry M. Covert

This business of sanctuary cities, colleges and churches so popular again after the national histrionics is rather stupid and insidious. There is something we follow called The Rule of Law.


It's been widely reported the illegal people, those enjoying all the grand amenities of the numerous communities, can run and hide in case the mean old law enforcers facilitate their sworn duties of federal, state and local laws.


The idea resonating is that laws in effect now don't apply to law breakers. The question should be which laws should not be obeyed? Who decides?


It's a nice idea, but the argument is capricious and salacious to think that a sworn officer of a police agency can't make arrests in alleged sanctuaries.


There are such things as warrants issued by court commissioners in Maryland, magistrates in Virginia and other states and, federal, state and local judges.


Now, folks, don't dismiss for one nano second the legal impact of a court order. It may sound nice to act tough about disobeying warrants. Such silly talk is simply baiting legal authority. Guess who wins? This is not a question for Jeopardy. This is real life.


Following all this braggadocio from mayors and collegiate presidents and deans of any church leaders to provide safety for law breakers is ludicrous. Even bounty hunters and bondsmen enjoy the right to enter any domicile or public and private facilities to capture violators. The bounty hunters need only a search for bail jumpers, those citizens who fail to appear in court. Judges take extremely dim views of such no shows.


Sanctuaries may sound good. In Frederick and elsewhere there are federal contracts whereby state and local authorities notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE, and feared by illegals. The intruders usually arrive from South of the Border down Mexico Way. But, don't forget there are other entry points around the continental U.S. where other unpopular "visitors" sneak through.


Most people just think churches are hideaways for law breakers. Not so.


A few years ago a longtime friend and bail bondsman from Virginia was on the hunt for a $10,000 bail jumper. He and his colleague searched all over the state with forays through Mid-Atlantic States.


The Circuit Court judge was bearing down on the bondsman wanting either the missing violator or the "ten gees."


It so happened a snitch informed Mr. Bondsman that his jumper was getting married in a Charles Town, West Virginia Baptist church.


At midday, the bondsman and associate sat in the last pew. As the service got to "you may kiss the bride," they slipped out the door.


As the happy couple happily walked down the aisle, once they stepped on the front step, handcuffs were slapped on the groom's wrists. Imagine how the holy experience turned into a shocking moment. Tears and unkind words were spewing freely.


Two days later the miscreant, in leg irons, stood before the judge and complained about his wedding day abuse, how it was illegal to be arrested in church.


The judge wasn't the least bit moved by the sob story, revoked the bond and kept him jailed until trial. The bondsman was relieved of the financial obligation.


Sure, lots of "visitors" without proper papers are jumpy and nervous. Quite likely some changes are probably coming throughout the land after January 20.


There are legal ways to avoid capture, jailing and deportation. The bad boys and girls and gangs should be looking over their shoulders.


They are not immune from warrants at local or state universities or any other place. Any big talker, who attempts to inhibit law persons from performing their sworn duties, risk being arrested promptly with new bracelets. They are snug.


Don't minimize the authority of ICE. In no way are they pantywaists. They have all the authority they need. They can "habla" in all languages including the numerous English dialects.


Naturally all the foo foo of the political season will ebb. As always cops and robbers will be about their business. I can assure readers the cops – the good guys – always win. This is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


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