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November 17, 2016

No Reason to Shiver and Shake

Harry M. Covert

Now that transition of the government is undergoing such love and friendliness, who can barely wait for the new political style to arrive?


In all the nooks and crannies and communities big and small, anticipation is everywhere in hearts and minds of the next group of campaigners.


Who's going to use the next slogan, "make our town and county great again? Of course, it's coming in various forms.


In Frederick County and throughout the Free State, the wheels are oiled and greased. The expectation is something to behold.


The world has been watching, waiting for that sunrise, knowing that America is on the march and setting a fast pace.


It's been fun watching young high schoolers and others going the protestors’ route. How in the world did these sweet young things get out of class? My lord, they should take advantage of some history lessons.


Even in Frederick City, there has been some walkabouts. I know about free speech, and all that comes with it. Some of the bellyachers don't know that Thomas Jefferson wrote the document.


Alert, Mr. Jefferson didn't know about modern technology. I rather doubt he had envisioned emails, tweets, radio and television.


Apparently lots of faculty and students at TJ's University of Virginia don't like his legacy either. The UVA president mentioned a few days ago Jefferson's leadership of times past in a message after the election. It's a good thing some of the UVA faculty has tenure. That's for another time.


The walking students we're seeing, perhaps, should join their schools' marching bands and do something worthwhile.


Admittedly I appear rather critical of the protestors. I am. The one good thing for writers is such action gives a good reason to scribble. I like an old quote: "never let truth get in the way of a good story." That sure seems true over the past year or so. We all like the rumor mongering.


The point of this pyrrhic is voters have spoken, whether we like it or not. No matter how many high schoolers or collegians moan and groan, Inauguration Day 2017 will arrive with the usual pomp and circumstance and Hail to the Chief.


All the nonsensical comparisons of the president-elect with dictators of the past or present are irreverent, untrue and rather inane, even insane.


On local fronts, lineups for upcoming political battles are taking shape. All kinds of obfuscations on all sides of the fences, surprises in bunches, too, can be expected. Are we ready? We know it's coming.


I still can't get over the boys and girls in the public classes walking out. If such conduct was not approved, they should get zeroes for the time missed. What do they know? Not much apparently about winning.


Do classrooms have photos of George Washington anymore? On that subject, will the photo of President Number 45 be allowed? I'm waiting for the first crybaby to be offended and be televised sobbing. It'll probably occur.


Now, there is no reason for the rest of the world to quake and shiver and shake. How exciting. All the faithful patriots, probably all of the able former living presidents, will arrive aboard courtesy Air Force jets with their protector agents. Oh, former vice presidents will be among the celebrants, too.


What a show that will be, the true changing of the guard for the world to ogle.


Then, stay with me, media pontificators can regroup. Maybe we can get some time off for good behavior and make up our own minds again.


I got ahead of myself. Let's teach history again. For example, despite what marketers promote, the Wampanoag Indians at the first thanksgiving didn't provide turkeys, dressings, potatoes and sit around smoking peace pipes with the pilgrims.


The day was really a fish fry with cod, lobsters and oysters. This is not the tradition. Quite naturally, as my teacher taught: "If it wasn't true, they couldn't write it in the newspaper."


This account was handwritten in a November 1621 issue of the Plymouth Times.


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