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November 15, 2016

The same team? Ė I donít think so

Ken Kellar

Prominent Democrats like Elizabeth Warren (D., MA) have offered conciliatory statements to the future Trump Administration. Yes, the acerbic, anti-capitalist, big government, fauxcahontas is “looking forward” to working with A President Donald Trump.


The only reason President Barack Obama and his ilk now claim that we're all on the same team is because their team has been soundly beaten and has run out of players. After Obama’s first victory in 2008, his attitude was, "We won;" and he has been nothing but vindictive since. America has responded to Obama’s hateful, divisive, power-hungry regime.


When President Obama took office there were 21 Republican governors. Now there are 33. He inherited a Democrat majority in the House and Senate. He lost the House immediately followed shortly by the Senate. During his two terms, the Democrats have lost over 900 state and local legislative seats. Yet, through savvy tactics and sometimes-unlawful means, the left has continued to impose its agenda on the people.


Obama’s administration was a toxic mix of incompetence, naiveté and vindictive/unlawful tyranny, at times possibly intentionally designed to harm the nation to atone for all the “crimes” he says we've committed. Hillary Clinton was prepared to continue on his path but was upping the stakes by getting belligerent with Russia and getting cozy with the advocates of Islamism. Trump's win is just icing on the cake of an eight-year-long systematic nation-wide repudiation of Obama's ineffective and damaging administration.


I hope Mr. Trump doesn’t fall for the leftist entreaties to come together. It is not necessary and would only compromise the Trump agenda. The left has lost all power including: power to weaponize the IRS; power to protect friends from the Department of Justice; power to ignore and violate immigration law; power to shackle our energy industry; power to pay terrorist nations billions in cash; power to have bureaucrats regulate all aspects of life; and power to force people to buy things. There is rarely middle ground when views are diametrically oppose.


If I could speak to Donald Trump, I would advise him that he remember his friends before he came to power. He should remember his enemies before he came to power, too. Neither has changed.


His enemies on the left are still champions of a bankrupt ideology. His enemies on the right are a mix of poseurs and self-serving career politicians. They lack the understanding or willingness to embrace the fundamental concepts needed to maintain this constitutional republic.


As for the people, those who elected him expect action. If he executes his advertised agenda, he will have an army of undying support. If he strays from his promises, we will not so gently remind him of his commitments.


The people on the left, the NeverTrumpers who voted against Mr. Trump, and those that didn’t vote, do not understand the hope and promise he offers. Regardless of their obsession with tyranny, division, and self, or their mere confusion, they, too, will reap the prosperity and security that will result from actual faithful implementation of conservative policies. Perhaps some will gradually see the wonder and beauty of liberty in a truly liberal society. But first a President Trump and his Congress have to show them.


Republicans now hold the White House, the House, the Senate and a vast majority of the governorships. However, time is short. We may have only two years if the right gets complacent and the left remains energized.


So, get cracking Mr. Trump! A new hope has washed over the land! Let freedom ring!


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