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As Long as We Remember...

November 10, 2016

A Fun Ride Coming

Harry M. Covert

Still awake at 2:40 in the morning unable to reach The Land of Nod, it was impossible yesterday to hit the remote control off buttons for both the television set and laptop online. The ongoing cacophony about the stunning change on the national landscape had me alert.


Around my neighborhood, a light rain was sprinkling. Raindrops in the dark were falling on the window sills. About this time the victorious alleged “demagogue” was coming on to be humbled and presidential and take over the reins of the United States government.


Let’s cut to the chase. Mr. Donald J. Trump, introduced by Vice President-Elect Mike Pence, didn’t mention it, but he will now have two lovely properties in the Nation’s Capital, one the newly completed Trump International Hotel, and the other 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


To the dismay of so many professional talkers on the tube, Mr. Trump won the presidential election. The pundits, bull shooters extraordinaire, pollsters and other amateurs were caught in their ignorance. I don’t want to say the posteriors were bare but they were.


This was the first time in years the “sandman” didn’t arrive and force my eyelids to close. It was electrifying to Iisten to the blabbers that the supposed “most qualified person to seek the presidency” had been overwhelmingly defeated by the “most unqualified candidate in the history of the nation.”


The dialoguing on the teevee was something else. I’m sure lots others were alert, too. It was a remarkable time. The New York hotel public room was jammed and packed. The election’s number two “winner,” Indiana Governor Pence, was in top form. His perfectly coiffed white hair gleamed. He could pass off as a bishop – or more likely a senior pastor.


After thanking everybody for the privilege and victory, he welcomed the president-elect, who was surrounded by his large, eloquent family and protectors. The “Make America Great Again” crowd was in top form. The only people in “shock and oh” were the media types. I don’t like to say it, but they have gone out of their way to make sure the journalism business undergoes an incredible change.


Lots of the commentators have proven uninformed and unknowing about the state and thoughts of the “regular” people around the 50 states. Along with the focus group crowd, the can be described in the “louche” class. This word is pronounced loosh, meaning shady, corrupt, dubious and disreputable.


The campaign over the last year or so has been the ugliest perhaps in history. But, the spectacular result is due to average voters. They’ve been described as unschooled, hateful, racist and other distasteful words. The reason is that part of the plan to demean hard-working, non-elitist types who don’t fit in whatever category the progressives don’t like.


This campaign, thankfully, is done. The unexpected 45th president has 70 days before his work begins. National media types – broadcast and print – must get back to the news business. I know the free press is the Fourth Estate.


The nation will have to wait for another time when the first woman becomes president. There’s nothing to stop that and shouldn’t. On another day in a few years a Madam President will be ensconced in the Oval Office. For the time being, other important elective offices are available, but the future of the nation will undergo broad changes.


Those in the public airways and printed pages need to re-think what they say. Not everybody who wants change is chauvinistic or bigoted; because citizens want peace in their neighborhoods and cities doesn’t mean they are ignorant, hateful or misogynists.


Firsts of this and that will continue for the country. At present there is another first where the next commander-in-chief knows how to talk to and reach the hearts and souls and, with apologies perhaps to Teddy Roosevelt, “walk softly and carry a big stick.” It’s going to be a fun ride.


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