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November 1, 2016

Prayer, Sťances, Other Amalgamations

Harry M. Covert

It's the morning after. Hopefully bobbing for apples is done for another year, sweet tooths are satisfied at least for today and sugar antidotes are working.


Amalgamation of all spirits is available for everyone on this day after All Hallows' Eve. Today's All Saints Day; tomorrow is All Souls Day.


I was going to use syncretistic in the previous paragraph, but I was worried our intellectual readers wouldn't take time to either Google it or turn to the pages in Webster's.


But let's get on to some issues.


If there ever was a time for a day of prayer, séances, calls to prayer or other amalgamations, it is today. I'm being serious here. A week from this writing the good old USA will be set on a new course – every community, state, commonwealth and territory. Yes, and the rest of the world, too.


All believers, non-believers, pagans, crime families, politicians, jail birds, farmers, college boys and girls, and everyday people ought to thank their lucky stars – and whatever beads that twist – that the “national nightmare" will be over in seven days.


In reality, prayers must be lifted for peace and quiet while we can do it. I endorse this big time. Ring the chimes, please.


A stupor is hanging over us all like a wool blanket. We need relief, a rest and a new beginning. "Hail Columbia, happy land." I heard that often from my late father, who was a wit.


The amalgamation of all spirits is available for all persons on this day after All Hallows' Eve.


I've written this previously of course. But on to other things.


While we're coasting now, I've been disturbed by reports that bow hunters may get approval to cull deer procreating at rapid rates in Linganore in Frederick County. Bambi's are everywhere. It is the season.


I'm well aware of the sacred right of hunters all over the place to be sportsmen, covertly in the woods with their fancy telescopic gear, zeroing in on innocent animals looking for food without chest protectors and Kevlar. Then the deer become dinner for carnivores.


Somehow it seems a bit harsh, even cruel, to shoot the white tails and others with arrows. I've never been shot with an arrow, thankfully, nor shot with a bullet; but in deference to the right to bear arms, it seems nicer to use bullets in the Field and Stream sporting life. Home run hitters, pass catchers, three-point shooters and par shooters are fun to watch. They are sportsmen and sportswomen.


Archers in the Olympics are cute. I watched. I don't like outdoor shows where bow hunters take great pride in killing a beautiful deer. There are no whoppers or chili with venison at our favorite fast food emporiums. Not in my house either. Not anywhere.


It's always educational as to how government works. One day a debate on opinions leads an agenda with all types of objections and vitriol. The next agenda is what's the easiest way to lower animal families? Guns, roses and high-toned arrows. The "victims" can also be mounted.


Are bows and arrows included in the Second Amendment? I don’t know – and don’t care.


We'll have to wait until after the Electoral College graduation. What can be better than life in the USofA? What a silly thought!


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