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October 28, 2016

Democracy’s Death

Ken Kellar

Apparently the media’s biggest take-away from the last presidential debate was the refusal of the Republican candidate to accept the election results in advance. It is being declared that an important attribute of a democracy is the election loser’s concession regardless of the quality of the election.


That is not a democratic principle. It is a banana republic, tyrannical operating practice.


I’ll briefly mention the hypocrisy of the outrage. Democratic Nominee Al Gore refused to accept the outcome of the 2000 presidential election. He forced the country to wait over a month for resolution.


His approach? Arm up with lawyers and political friends; hand pick only counties whose demographics could support a win; count and recount, introduce biased ballot counters throwing out Republican votes; and keep going until a win was achieved. George W. Bush’s lawyers called for the intervention of the Supreme Court, which finally put an end to the count-repeat-until-victory cycle.


In the last election cycle, the Florida voting commission discovered hundreds of illegal immigrants were on the list of registered voters. As they announced action to remove those names so fraudulent votes could not be cast, President Barack Obama’s Justice Department ordered the governor of Florida to keep those names on the list. To his credit, Gov. Rick Scott disregarded the federal order and removed the names. The governor was not charged with a crime because the case would have clearly shown the inherent corruption being pushed by the left.


Voter fraud a fantasy? I personally know a person registered to vote in two adjacent states. In this case it is not a case of active fraud but a demonstration of the ridiculous weakness of our voting system. It is reported that 2.4 million people are registered in more than one state. With the election now being spread over weeks and absentee ballots handed out with no justification, multiple votes from individuals are a reality.


To show how a system could work, in 1989, before the Internet, I changed states. When I attempted to register my vehicle in my new state, I was rejected because I was delinquent on a property tax bill in my old state. If that information could follow me before the Internet, we could certainly have systems that prevent voter registration in more than one state. Why don’t we?


Al Franken won his Senate seat in 2008 by less than 200 votes. After the election it was revealed that around a thousand felons were illegally/wrongly on the registered voter list. Multiple surveys show felons vote overwhelmingly vote Democrat. Al Franken, who provided the one final vote needed to enact Obamacare, won his seat over his Republican opponent through illegal means, and it had a horrible effect on our country.


Voter fraud continues because there is a massive ethics and corruption imbalance. The left disproportionately benefits from voter fraud and system flaws. To the left, law and ethics are tools to use when convenient, to be disregarded when not. Laws and ethics are not constraints on their behavior.


Much of the fraud involves granting the vote to illegal or other immigrants whose reliance on welfare and social services, such as special school staff, cause them to vote overwhelmingly Democrat. Lacking any strong ties to ethics or legality, the left is happy with a horribly flawed election system.


Back to the latest media-fabricated outrage against Donald Trump, if he has reason to believe he lost the election to voter fraud, what democratic principle mandates he accept the illegal results? What mandates you to accept the results?


It isn’t Donald Trump challenging our democratic process. It is every person trying to weaken or corrupt the system in any way to obtain desired results. When those attempting or succeeding in vote manipulation and fraud are found out, when “the people” learn their votes don’t matter, there will be great danger and rightfully so.


Donald Trump espoused a powerful democratic principle, your vote must count!


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