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October 25, 2016

Potpourri and Baseball

Harry M. Covert

How exciting the next few days are going to be. In my dreams I was seeing the Nationals and the Orioles in their World Series finest, playing first in Baltimore and then in Washington.


Then, I woke up. A story out of Charm City's elected Council leadership presented an idea to rename Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day.


With all of the problems facing Maryland's largest city, a councilman apparently is clueless as to the important issues that must be addressed.


Now, I won't dare consider any bad words to discuss such a proposal, even though such hauteur comes to mind for that council of "hail fellows ill met."


For goodness sake, it would have been thrilling for true baseball fans to pack Oriole Park at Camden Yards for the first World Series game of the year. How terrific for the next games to be down I-95 to half street and Nationals Park.


But back to the Baltimore supposed leaders. What are the most important issues facing the citizens, renaming an historic day or dealing with the overwhelming civic problems?


I'll break down the wall; Baltimore is being governed by nut-cases. And the rest of the Free State tries to maintain good sense. A good reminder is that Frederick County citizens kicked in almost $50,000 for the poor people in Babe Ruth's hometown. How kind of Fredericktonians. That 50 grand could certainly be used to combat the influx of cocaine and other illegal drugs. What the heck, the friendly folk in Frederick County don't mind throwing money away.


Maybe the Orioles could consider moving to Frederick? All right, this is a bit silly. But it would be nice to have a statue of Frederick’s Charlie Keller, the famed ex-New York Yankee, at Harry Grove Stadium or better yet, place this statue at county government's Winchester Hall. Baltimore's leaders should pay for it.


On top of this, place Mr. Keller's icon with Justice Roger Brooke Taney and Governor Thomas Johnson. Honors for sure and all the skeptics can be schmoozed and act like they have some sense.


I've got to mention here: "beauty may be skin deep, but dumb is to the bone."


Tonight, though, sports fans hereabouts and across the land will simply enjoy watching the National League's Cubs from Chicago's North Side and the American League's Cleveland Indians. The latter is not an indigenous major league team, no matter what verbalists may want to intone.


In my heart I know that great broadcaster Paul Harvey, talker Harry Carey, former Cubs stars Ernie Banks, and Ryne Sandberg to name a few and Indian stars Bob Feller, Early Wynn and Larry Doby, also to mention a few, are excited and watching from Baseball Heaven.


Imagine the Cubs won 103 games and the Indians 94, during the regular season. Here's a reminder, our Orioles won 89 games and the Nationals 95.


I'll not pick on the Baltimore elected any more for the present.


Those who engage in games of chance should know they'd have to bet $175 on the Cubbies to win $100. They are the overwhelming favorite to win the series.


A $100 bet on the Fellers (Indians) would pay $155 if they win.


I'm not predicting because I knew Paul Harvey and Rapid Robert Feller. There's nothing wrong with name dropping when it's the everlasting truth.


I'll be watching tonight. Thankfully resting from politics.


Good day.


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