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October 20, 2016

Keep your eye on the ball

Ken Kellar

The binary choice you have this November is between tyranny and liberty. Please read this if you think you can’t vote for Donald Trump due to this or that actual or claimed revelation emerging from his past and being aggressively promoted by the media.


The current administration and the Democratic candidate for President of The United States have normalized corruption and lawlessness:

1. The IRS specifically targeted conservative groups for denial of legal tax relief. Once revealed, no IRS employee was held accountable. By that I mean prosecuted for abuse of power.

2. The Secretary of State and her staff violated national security laws. When discovered and subpoenas were issued for evidence gathering, she destroyed evidence in the form of tens of thousands of e-mails and supporting equipment. She lied repeatedly about the event, only admitting her crimes slowly as evidence emerged that contradicted her series of lies.

3. As the FBI investigated her crimes, her husband met privately with the Attorney, General of the United States, and days later the FBI played grand jury and its director declared no reasonable prosecutor would act on the evidence. Recent reports from lower echelon FBI employees indicate almost all agents on the case anticipated an indictment. Only the Attorney General and FBI Director decided the law would not be enforced.

4. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton combined the operation of her private foundation and the State Department. It is impossible to determine the boundaries between her official duties and her private gain. Her foundation is a slush fund from which she can reward, win, and keep friends. She conducted luxury travel with the foundation funds, and all the time used her position as Secretary of State to increase not only contributions to her foundation but to direct payments to her and her husband.

5. Hillary Clinton is a corrupt human being and the Justice Department and FBI have been severely compromised in order to protect her from the just consequences that should ensue from such corruption.


Here is a partial list of what Hillary Clinton is promising the United States if she becomes President:

1.    Open borders with no control of the flow of people into our country.

2.    She offers unlimited social programs to house, feed and educate anyone that enters our nation.

3.    She will import hundreds of thousands of uneducated foreign Muslims with no national need for illiterate/unskilled Muslim labor. She promises unlimited social services to people whose culture is so at odds with basic American principles: honor killing, subjugation of women, violence toward infidels and death to those who leave the religion.

4.    She promises more envy of the rich. They are not to be admired and emulated but drained for her social programs.

5.    She endorses contempt for police while allowing, if not actually endorsing, violent riots. She proposes “training” for police so they won’t harm violent criminals. Recently a policewoman was beaten to near death for fear of retribution if she used her gun to defend herself. Clinton promises more.

6.    She promises free college for everyone below an arbitrary parental income threshold. No talk of funding degrees where shortages are determined: medicine, engineering, etc. Just free degrees in whatever the kid wants. She treats children with degrees in fields that have no employment potential such a Women’s Studies, as victims of some unnamed monster rather than their own choices. Free college will yield many more useless graduates who did not have the judgment, discipline or ability to acquire marketable knowledge and skills during their free four-year vacation at a university. Many young adults will waste four or more years of their life trading away development of skills and learning a trade for an extended childhood.

7.    She promises continued arming of terrorists. As Secretary of State, she armed opposition to the Syrian leader including ISIS and other terror groups.

8.    Clinton insults and threatens Russia and its leader. She makes unsubstantiated claims that Russia is trying to manipulate our election against her. Even if true, her unsubstantiated accusations are reckless, closing many doors to diplomatic opportunities such as possible coordination with Russia to fight Middle East terror.

9.    Clinton promises, in traditional Luddite fashion, to regulate fracking into non-existence while also vowing to completely shut down the coal industry. With most of our electricity being supplied by coal and much of the remainder by natural gas, electricity costs can do nothing but skyrocket.

10. As Islamists expand their circle of influence to the point of actually threatening western culture that has brought so much peace, health and prosperity, Hillary will battle the chimera she calls Climate Change. This chimera is a convenient political weapon that will be used to justify currently unimaginable government regulations and power.

11. On trade, I don’t know what Clinton wants. All she says is she is for or against the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP, depending on the season, without ever discussing any reason to be for or against it.

12. Clinton promises to appoint Supreme Court justices that will disregard the Constitution and whose sole purpose is to defend and promote the leftist agenda.

13. Clinton defends the Affordable Care Act, which is rapidly destroying our once-great health care system. Highly qualified individuals are turning away from the medical doctor field with those empty positions being replaced by poorly qualified affirmative action fillers.

What does Donald Trump offer?

1.     A secure border to allow us to keep social costs down and to afford time for all those already here to be assimilated into our culture.

2.    He promises to keep Islamist terror at arm’s length rather than aggressively importing it into our nation against the people’s will.

3.    He promises to find common ground with Mexico to fight the powerful drug cartels that threaten both our countries.

4.    He promises to work with other nations including Russia to find common ground to fight Islamism while building a strong military to defend our interests should nations behave against our security interests.

5.    He calls for a more friendly tax and regulatory environment for corporations to encourage operations and jobs in our country’s borders.

6.    He wants sanctions against U.S. corporations that send their production abroad. This is admittedly controversial regarding conservative/free-market principles but our extreme welfare state also violates those principles so this exception may be well justified.

7.    He has proposed a list of over 20 potential Supreme Court nominees, all of whom, will base their judgments on the Constitution and the rule of law. Of course, they will be “right” oriented but constrained by our foundational laws. Mrs. Clinton’s appointees make no pretense of Constitutional constraint on their decisions.

8.    He will advocate the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and advocate the provision of healthy market incentives judiciously including mandated “safety nets” as needed to exercise proper compassion for our weak and indigent when free-market principles alone prove unsatisfactory.


So, there you have it. Mrs. Clinton’s list is much longer because hers is the party of big government and power. Donald Trump is an advocate for liberty and free enterprise. Therefore, his list is shorter and much more about the curtailment of federal government influence.


Now that we’ve spelled out most of the major policy issues for the two candidates, let’s talk about Donald Trump’s latest video recording, or sound recording, or a growing list of unsubstantiated and contradictory sexual complaints.

1.    I like that Mr. Trump supports cheap energy policies and a stable energy infrastructure, but he said a crude thing so I’ll vote for Hillary and higher electrical costs.

2.    I am troubled by the rapid growth in medical costs and reduction in service, but I’m willing to accept the degradation of U.S. medicine as long as my president doesn’t have a foul mouth. So I’ll vote for Hillary and crappy medical care.

3.    I know the Constitution is the basis for the greatest nation to ever exist. But the candidate that supports the Constitution has complimented his daughter’s beauty in creepy ways, so out you go Constitution and in with Hillary!

4.    I am horrified with the drowning influence of unfettered immigration both legal and illegal on our economy, culture, schools, health and crime. But I’d rather have this flood continue than be subjected to four or eight years of a president with a list of women who complained about sexual advances four weeks before the election and never, ever prior to that. Welcome in everyone in the world, I’m voting for Hillary!

5.    I am terrified by Islamism. It is not a phobia because it is rational to observe the behavior of Islamists and predict further bad outcomes. But I need to vote for Hillary, the woman who promises more domestic terrorism because she does not have a sexually uncomfortable past (discounting her attacks on her husband’s sexual victims, of course).


So, as long as my tyrants have a clean sexual past and speak politely, I’m fine with voting away my liberty!


But seriously, fellow citizens, keep your “eye on the ball.” Think carefully, for the actual survival of the nation is at stake. Don’t let the last sound bite or unsubstantiated claim determine your vote.


Note: I was prepared to accept that Donald Trump had actually performed the claimed unwanted acts against women and still vote for him due to Mrs. Clinton’s dangerous anti-American agenda. However, it appears the truth has relieved me of that burden. The allegations appear to be false. I recommend you listen to Stefan Molyneux’s analysis of the lack of substance, credibility, and conflicting facts regarding the claims:


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