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October 18, 2016

Trickle-Down is Alive and Well

Harry M. Covert

Ivory towers remain supreme out of the nation's capital and the trickling down may have reached an all-time gully washer.


No matter which side of the political spectrum locals find pleasurable, we are all effected by the monied, the elitists and up-and-comers.


It is worth considering how state and local political leaders will be acting by following the current exhaustive and nasty presidential campaigning.


The trickle-down theory was started in the days of Will Rogers, the humorist and wit, who said: "I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat."


The issue today though is this: the "ins" on the national level are battling to keep their supposed lordly and lofty positions.


The split in the nation is more recognized now, more so than anytime perhaps since the Civil War – or the 1960s. On every level this trickle down business is rather obvious in Annapolis where the Republican governor is headed for a nasty confrontation with the Democrat controlled legislature.


In Frederick County, the combat for the hearts and minds of all citizens and voters has reached seething and unfriendly proportions. The public perspective out of Winchester Hall isn't calming down. The outlook isn't too good there, either.


Before actual nominees of the major parties were selected, it wasn't a surprise that most figured the campaigners would be crowned, some thought they deserved the tiaras.


Evidence of distinctive alteration of the national landscape arrived recently. Not surprisingly, the elder George H.W. Bush, a stalwart of the GOP, let seep out he would vote in the November 8 election for the Democratic Party candidate. Naturally, he was influenced by the fact his son was denied his party's laurel.


Facts show both the traditional structure of Democrats and Republicans have been in extreme turmoil. The old days are gone.


Locally both parties will face futures quite different. Lots of leaders are walking carefully not to be tainted by the national ticket. Some are brandishing their soap boxes.


The nastiness and personal animus seem to be the order of our time. It's not new for freewheeling campaigns, but the meanness may be at an all-time high.


Is Frederick County at war with itself? Sure seems like it. Candidates break pledges selfishly. Who asks about honesty and veracity? No slogans these days like Honest_________(fill in the blank). Primary campaign pledges don't mean squat – to borrow some slang.


The state of affairs is not good around the country or the county. The situations leave a lot to be desired and to be corrected. Is a person's word any longer a bond? Now, that's a discussion to be debated another time.


The precedent set by national candidates in demeaning each other has reached incredible proportions. Neither shy away from obfuscations or stretchers defined as untruths.


The genie is out of the bottle. Apologies for using such a cliché. Consider what is best for the nation, for the county for every family and individual.


It is rather easy to pick verbal fights, to rant and rave, and then pretend all is right. That's the position seen today.


The old adage remains true: "to the victor goes the spoils."


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