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As Long as We Remember...

October 14, 2016

The Sinking of The America?

Joe Charlebois

There is growing doubt that the elections in early November will do little to alter the course that our nation has set. It’s as if the American people have been in a large boat with conservatives on the starboard oars and the liberals on the port oars for years.


Despite the fact that they are floating along the surface together, they see no way of coming together, to pull the boat away from danger.


The ship’s captain, who is stepping down shortly, has been arguably one of the most ineffective leaders The America has ever seen. His role as skipper has been defined by his promotion of animosity between the crew on both the port and starboard sides; by his inability to work with anyone within the starboard crew, and by his insistence that his adversaries aren’t the ones on other vessels seeking to do us harm, rather the real enemy are many of the men and women on the starboard oars.


The skipper’s intimidation of the crew leaders often led to both crews rowing The America toward the rocks or other dangers. Even when the starboard crew did stand up to the skipper, The America was left spinning in circles as the oars of both crews stroked in opposite directions.


The condition of The America is of grave concern. This magnificent vessel is now facing several imminent and growing storms coming from the South and East. It has been weakened by the skipper’s years of neglect.


Instead of focusing on his most important duty of protecting his crews, his attention has been directed toward providing for the petty wants of the port crew. The hull of The America has weathered many storms in the past and has rarely, if ever, been left in such a state as it is now. There is creaking in the joints. The caulking between the planks has begun to fail. There is separation along the joints where the planks meet the ribs. The floor of the boat no longer remains dry as the bilge can’t keep up with the incoming seawater. The wood, without an opportunity to dry, has begun to rot.


The America faces other problems as well. The skipper and his executive officer have ignored a small, but vocal, number of the starboard crew, who consistently sound the call to repel all boarders from the smaller vessels approaching from the south.


The port side crew, and a number of those from the starboard crew, have not only ignored their calls, they have eagerly thrown lines over to the deckhands aboard The South to use for rafting up. They have gladly welcomed these foreign crews aboard The America, even though they bring no food, no water, or the knowledge of how to navigate the open waters.


Those who have given the sailors from The South permission to board The America have differing reasons for doing so. The port side crew looks to these southerners as a way to influence future decisions aboard the boat, while many of the starboard crew view the southerners as a way to lighten the workload of rowing. Both crews have intentionally turned a blind eye to the fact that with the tremendous numbers of southerners welcomed aboard, it has made The America sit quite a bit lower in the water. This in turn allows more water to splash over the gunwales – especially when the boat is facing stormy weather.


They also ignore the fact that the southerners’ consumption of the boats’ food and water stores far exceed what they can provide in regards to labor. Of course, this turn of events has created a situation that has created resentment among some of the crew. The skipper and his executive officer have shown no sign that they will discontinue the practice of taking on an unlimited number of boarders. The America will continue to allow any further boats from the southern island to tie up and offload their crews.


Off to the east several miles away, a distress call has gone out to recover survivors of a rapidly sinking boat – The East. There are other boats from the north and west which have already taken many of the survivors aboard, but curiously, the other boats from the eastern fleet failed to come to its aid. They have stood by and watched as the boats from the north and west have moved in to rescue and subsequently care for by those forced overboard.


Regrettably found among the survivors are many of the saboteurs who are directly responsible for the East’s demise. Even after being warned about the saboteurs, the other vessels treated all the “survivors” equally and picked them all up nonetheless.


Since the rescue, many of the vessels from the north and west have sustained a fair amount of damage from the saboteurs, even losing crew members to their misdeeds. The America is paying no heed to their experiences and has offered to swing by The East and pick up as many of its survivors as it can, no matter the cost.


Secretary Hillary Clinton is oblivious to the dangers of open borders, or worse, doesn’t care. That goes for the influx of tens of thousands of refugees from areas across the globe that harbor terrorists as well.


The United States does need to step in to help, but we can’t exacerbate homegrown terrorism by unintentionally promoting it through carte blanche settlement in America without the strongest of interviews and vetting. If there is a hint of trouble, or an inability to screen a refugee, they must go back. If the policy of open borders to our south continues, we will never get our economy going again.


As the polls stand today, this year’s presidential election is likely to see the America continuing to head into extremely dangerous waters.




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