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October 13, 2016

My Trump Sign

Ken Kellar

The $3 sign my daughter purchased for me at the Great Frederick Fair lasted about two weeks. Considering the mild weather, I’m compelled to assume it was taken.


In my quarter century of life in Woodsboro, Maryland, I’ve had two items stolen: my son’s bicycle and my “Donald Trump for President” sign. Both thefts were troubling but for very different reasons.


Theft is ubiquitous. Many perpetrators know it’s wrong, but their personal desires or needs overcome any sense of guilt or right. Of course, there are sociopaths who feel no emotions about theft.


Now, when someone took my son’s bicycle, I doubt if the thief’s intent was to deny my family a mode of healthy transportation. The thief was probably not against bikes. The thief may have wanted the bike or (although unlikely) the value of the bike. The theft may have been a purely malicious act or the result of a stupid dare. I doubt if there was a grand hatred of bicycles involved in the thief’s motivation. My loss was some money and my feeling of security for my property.


Now onto the thief who stole my “Trump” sign. Was the thief a poor person who “needed” a Trump sign? Of course not. So, who takes Trump signs?


Over the last few months we’ve seen many videos of the Trump-sign thieves and vandals. Every video I’ve seen is of a white middle-class neighbor of the sign owner. Some of them are being prosecuted. Their motivation appears to be contempt for the candidate and a self-righteous moral authority to do as they please.


The thought process goes something like this: “Trump is so dangerous to America that I’m going to intimidate and prevent people from campaigning for him.”


So, we have people so concerned about our country’s future, they are stealing signs, vandalizing property and in some cases attacking people with whom they disagree politically. Do you see any irony with this type of thinking and action?


I was recently invited to attend a Milo Yiannopoulos “Dangerous Faggot Tour” event later this month at the University of Maryland. I declined the invitation out of fear of physical harm. You see, Milo is a conservative and avid supporter of Mr. Trump. Most of his events are on college campuses where punks, perhaps like the one who took my sign, for some reason feel entitled to stop, through any means, Milo’s events. They block entrances, assault citizens, vandalize property and even set off fire alarms to try to stop Milo’s and other conservatives’ messages.


After a day of thought, I returned to my friend and accepted his invitation to attend the event. I am still afraid to attend. However, I have become determined to not let fear deter me.


You see, we are all too willing to put our young men in uniforms and let them die oversees for “our freedom.” But no Iraqi or Afghan ever threatened my freedom of speech or assembly, at least not in any direct way.


However, in my town, someone directly attacked my freedom of speech by stealing my sign. Some self-righteous punks down at the University of Maryland are preparing to deny Milo’s freedom of speech and my freedom to assemble. I can’t submit to intimidation. If I can ask a 19-year-old boy to take a bullet for my country, I sure as hell can’t let some thugs scare me away from a political event.


As a child and young adult, the emergence of Nazi Germany was a complete mystery to me. However, after seeing the left’s henchmen in action during this presidential campaign, the rise of the Third Reich is now completely understandable. I’m seeing it here.


How many of you don’t mention your intention to vote for Donald Trump and Mike Pence in public for fear of retribution? Would you consider a Trump bumper sticker, or is the inevitability of “progressive” vandalism too intimidating? How do you feel when considering a Trump sign in your yard?


Forget Mr. Trump for a moment. What about gay marriage? Immigration? Islamism? Climate change? Fracking? Welfare? Government regulation? Taxation? Do you think you can debate or discuss these subjects with a progressive without having your character attacked?


Nazism is all too understandable these days. Get a few thugs to “punish” the opposition. A few cracked heads, some broken windows, some keyed cars, (some stolen or vandalized signs), and even denial of jobs, and soon opposition disappears. Before you know it, amazingly it appears everyone is for Hitler or Hillary.


The allure of fascism is tempting many. There is serious discussion about criminalizing skepticism regarding the theory of anthropogenic global warming. Let me rephrase that. There are Americans proposing criminal sanctions against people who have certain opinions regarding weather forecasts. The left’s thuggery is expansive, ranging from punks on the street to “intellectuals.”


So, you think I’m paranoid? Exaggerating? Then prove me wrong. Put some Trump stickers on your car, wear a “Make America Great Again Hat” and drive down to the University of Maryland on October 26 to hear Milo. Seriously, spend a minute actually planning to do it. Feel those butterflies? Fascism is alive and well, my friends. Are you going to do anything about it?


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