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October 12, 2016

Trump: The New Curse Word

Tom McLaughlin

Kuching Malaysian Borneo – The Trump catastrophe that embellished the nation over the weekend has run its course, and, hopefully, things have calmed down. The debate on Sunday was the usual encounter between the citizens and the candidates and nobody seemed to mention the controversy that exploded around the Republican presidential Contender.


Of course, this was written before the debate, so I have no idea what happened.


In my mind's eye, I think about two candidates calmly sitting down and discussing the issues. Donald Trump will talk about his wall, banning Moslems from the country, and law and order. Hillary Clinton will explain in great detail about immigration reform, free college and reforming Obamacare. The country will continue on for a month until Election Day.


Meanwhile, parents will be teaching their children a new vocabulary. Instead of saying SUGAR! People will start saying TRUMP! When five year old Harry throws a temper tantrum in Walmart, we will say he is "going through a Trump" (for phase) or "don't be such a Trump" for the word chump. When it's really snowing, we will say it's "really trumping outside." There are many ways we can replace bad words with Trump.


Okay, I think you get the drift of where this is going, but replacing cuss words with the word TRUMP is not such a bad idea given the context of this past weekend.


I really cannot understand how anyone could vote for Donald Trump. On my Facebook page, there is not one person who has said anything good about the man. Of course, most of my friends are Malaysian and they don't care about what is going on in the United States, or even who Trump is.


They continue on with the problems here at home where the prime minister has become the world's laughing stock for corruption. I mean he and his wife did steal $700,000,000.Then there are the guys who ran the Water Department in Sabah, who managed to acquire $500,000,000 through government contracts. They bought BMW's, Mercedes, watches, handbags and had tons and tons of cash laying all around the house. I guess they became suspicious when the wife used $100 bills as coasters for their tea. So, Mr. Trump saying a few curse words here and there pales when compared to the malfeasance of funds here. I swear this is true! Couldn't make this Trump up!


I guess there will those diehards who will vote for Donald Trump regardless of who else may be running. I just can't believe 40% of Americans are like that. They probably use the language he recites in their everyday discourse, except on Sunday. Now, with my new way to avoid the curse words, they can replace the offending explicative with Trump and everybody will be happy.


As for the Malaysians, I am a guest here in their country, and I cannot suggest any remedy for the stolen funds which have been reported worldwide. They will solve their problems in their own time and way, long after I’m dead and buried and Dzul (my five-year-old son) is a grandfather.


However, despite the problems, they are two beautiful countries.


...Life is good. . . . .


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