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October 10, 2016

The Talk of Today

Harry M. Covert

It would certainly have been thrilling to be the fly on the wall Sunday afternoon prior to the Gladiators' jousting about the good, the bad and the ugly.


Consider if you will all the family members and professional side men and women giving advice on which zingers to use or ignore, and the righteous spinners anxiously awaiting with their versions of what the nation's innocents just digested.


Because of editorial restrictions, really deadlines, we'll be a day late, but a bit wiser. Let's hope, gentle readers, that no physical eruptions occurred. In this epistle no effort is being made as a shaman or soothsayer or prognosticator. I leave that to wannabes and rookies of the writing game.


There will be no shock if the teevee watchers turned off the sporting events. What better show perhaps occurred before our very eyes as we ogled the presidential nominee mess at Washington College in St. Louis?


To fill this distinguished space on Columbus Day, a discussion was to head into the question of why we aren't celebrating Amerigo Vespucci’s birthday. He lent his name to South America and to us in North America.


All members of the Knights of Columbus everywhere can rest. No one is suggesting a deletion of the Columbus Day parades. But Amerigo was of Italian origin, too. He was not a godfather type but a mapmaker. He did them by hand, like an artist.


It sure is pleasurable to get good news coverage first, you know, especially with myth and mirth makers. Journalism is fun and good old "Cristóbal Colón" crossed the Atlantic Ocean first. He obviously didn't fall off the earth as some skeptics predicted. The know-it-alls were not auditioning as pundits using semaphores.


Did you know there was no Internet five hundred or so years ago? Shocking.


Maybe both of the polemicists Sunday night survived the exchanges. Hopefully the USA will endure. I suspect it just might. In a nation that has prided itself in the motto "In God We Trust," all partisans can rest and realize that the Almighty has his hands on the King's heart. This relates to leaders who are mayors, executives, governors and probably baseball managers, editors and quite possibly cable news moderators.


The fact checker and researcher of this epistle, which is me, has learned that vocabularies of previous presidential candidates and winners have been known for verbal miscues. In fact, it seems like talking on the dirty or vulgar sides is not unusual in these uplifted days. In the last half-century use of the eff-word was regularly on the tongues of the esteemed. Other words were also prevalent among the heretofore leaders, who always end their public ministrations with "God bless America."


Most certainly after events in middle America last night, Americans, all real Americans, are saying "Lord give us patience and do it now."


I could tag this a post script ...  "expletive deleted" should be more in use in printed pages and "mute" in audio.


Do mothers use soap any more as a deterrent to bad language? I guess not. That would be child endangerment.


ln this day and time, where words are so vain and profane, this must be life of today as we experience it.


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