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As Long as We Remember...

October 7, 2016

Road to the White House

Joe Charlebois

Many twists and turns in the national road that is named politics since I last set words in motion here on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been named their respective party’s nominee for president and we are just a month away from electing one of these two very flawed individuals as the 45th president of the United States of America.


Technically, there are four individuals that will garner at least a percent or two in the general election, but only two have any real chance of winning any electoral votes when all is said and done. The Libertarian and Green party candidates may, in certain areas, swing a state for either Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Trump, so one shouldn’t minimize the effect that they will have.


The amazing thing about this election is that this may just be one election where a majority of voters are more motivated to vote against a candidate than one the voter is enthusiastically supporting. Neither candidate has espoused a positive vision for the future the way past candidates have.


Mr. Trump believes he is portraying a positive message when he states “Make America Great Again,” but this falls flat as his message of a failing America seems way too negative, and the balance with what we can be doesn’t seem to stack up.


As a non-politician, he has made off the cuff comments that have come back to haunt him. He has been too caught up in petty disagreements; and he has allowed himself to be trapped falling down rabbit holes of unimportant matters when his focus should be on how to project the strength, might and determination to lead on the world stage.


Secretary Clinton, on the other hand, seems to think that the past eight years have been glorious. Nothing could be further from the truth. Despite the fact that we are not technically in a recession, the fact that wages are stagnant; true unemployment and underemployment numbers are at a decades long high; healthcare costs are skyrocketing because of the ACA or Obamacare; the Middle East is out of control; northern Africa is out of control; and we have no respect around the world from our main adversaries such as Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.


The recent vice-presidential debate between Sen. Tim Kaine (D., VA) and Gov. Mike Pence (R., IN) did show one thing for certain. Donald Trump picked a running mate wisely; Secretary Clinton, not so wise.


Governor Pence showed himself to be under control, knowledgeable of the state of affairs both here and abroad and gave the American people some assurance as to his ability to effectively serve as president should the need arise.


Senator Kaine did nothing to improve his image with the American electorate. He was so over rehearsed and predictable that you could not get a clear picture of the man or if he would be one that the citizens of America could trust in the Oval Office. His 72 interruptions of Governor Pence may have been effective to reiterate his talking points, but he did a real disservice to the debate process by not discussing the issues.


I realize that we don’t vote for the vice-president per se, but Mr. Trump surely didn’t hurt himself by picking Governor Pence.


We’ll see what turns the road takes in the next few weeks, but the real and imagined scandals that have and will plague each campaign over the coming days must play a part in the still undecided voter’s mind.


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