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September 30, 2016

The Debate, and So On

Patricia A. Kelly

The big event is over. There’s lots of talk about it, of course, with disagreement about the winner, usually divided along partisan lines.


Mr. Trump was required to “act presidential.” His funny faces offered a glimpse of the real man, but he resisted any urge he might have had to reach over and choke his opponent as she lied repeatedly about him.


He wore his blue tie, not the red one, the “presidential” one predicted by and joked about by his opponents. He appeared to have the sniffles, maybe seasonal allergies or a cold. His face is a little rumpled, appearing more so than usual that night, normal for a guy with the sniffles. He seems to have neglected to get plastic surgery, unlike Ms. Clinton, whose surgeons did an excellent, subtle job.


All agree he did what he had to do in terms of personal restraint, to keep him under consideration as a leader.


Ms. Clinton, on the other hand, was almost as amazing as the Democratic National Convention, one of the most perfectly choreographed efforts I have seen, as participants were treated to a carefully orchestrated parade of alleged victims of the “nasty” Republicans.


In the case of the debate, Ms. Clinton’s physical transformation from a woman teetering on her feet from pneumonia, to a red-clad, beautifully made up and coiffed woman who was able to stand without coughing for an hour and a half.


I wonder what that little clear plastic earpiece was in her left ear, and why she had what appeared to be some sort of electronic transmitter on her lower back, under the red suit.


Whatever steps she took to look strong and well, she pulled it off, except for her mottled little hands. Next time hand makeup should be included in the plan.


Unless someone was coaching her through whatever she wore in her ear, her other masterstroke was to memorize so many soundbites, and recite them steadily throughout the event. Her perpetual smile did become a little creepy after a while, though.


She was as well prepared as she could be.


She proposed some policy, most of which would require more federal spending by a government already deeply in debt. How she plans to recoup the money by taxing the wealthy is unclear.


She promised, as did her predecessor, to “rebuild the middle class.” I’m still waiting for our current president to move in that direction. Although rebuilding is a common refrain, the opposite actually occurs, as the middle class supports the ever expanding federal behemoth. With less taxation and control of our health care, school systems and social evolution, we could rebuild ourselves.


Mr. Trump, while restrained, sometimes on the defensive and limited in sound bite offerings, came up with some good points. He did well on the economy, explaining yet again that we can’t afford to continue to increase spending while in such extreme debt, and mentioned Clinton’s email debacle.


As for taxing the wealthy, does Mrs. Clinton mean increasing the tax rate, increasing the investment gain tax rate, or keeping or increasing our exorbitant corporate tax? Companies must be motivated to work within the country instead of moving overseas. If they stay, that means more real, not government jobs. These jobs provide money for those that Mrs. Clinton would theoretically help with federal spending increases. That approach hasn’t worked so far, and, the more it’s tried, the worse things get. I would certainly hate to live in inner city Baltimore, surrounded by blue light cameras, derelict houses and Plexiglas barring me from even touching the products I wish to buy.


A robust economy would help us all, rich and poor.


The Clinton campaign has taken to attempting to brand Mr. Trump as a liar, undoubtedly to deflect attention from her documented history of lies. Claiming Donald Trump is a liar because of an off-the-cuff remark made on the Howard Stern show during a period of consistent public comment against the war is one of many egregious examples.


Calling him a racist because of a settled suit from long ago when he has won an award for improving the lives of New York minority communities, Rosa Parks by his side, is another.


Soon it will be over. Let’s hope real change can come with this election, rather than empty promises.


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