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September 23, 2016

Day at the Fair

Harry M. Covert

How about the success of the Great Frederick Fair? Good times had by all! Much to my chagrin I missed the tractor pull, demolition derby and looking over all of the farm animals. Maybe next year.


Fair goers were treated to fantastic events, food, entertainment and camaraderie at its best.


Vendors surely were at their foodie bests with homemade pies and cakes, all tasty sandwiches and fries. The list goes on, and the leaders of this annual Frederick County extravaganza should most certainly be proud and stand to take a bow.


While exuberance was all over the fairgrounds, there are always some participants who get the hook. That is they dare to push responsibility and good taste far past accepted limits.


A vendor was kicked out this week. The crime? It is rather astonishing to believe, but candies of gummy bears and other morsels were found with illegal drugs. Think about the large number of innocent children and a few unsuspecting adults visiting the "candy store." No mention was made of marijuana-laced brownies.


After tips of the untoward sales efforts Sheriff Chuck Jenkins and his deputies in raiding gear grabbed between 50 to 70 bags of candy delights. Shockingly perhaps the state's crime lab found psychoactive components in marijuana called THC.


This event is not funny in any way, shape, or form. If anything good came from the raid, the situation didn't disturb joys on the schedule. Impressive young future farmers were in top form displaying their chickens, piglets, goats, sheep, Clydesdales and large steers. Obviously farming is alive and well.


The alleged drug sellers were selling their illegal wares from $30 to $200 for various bags, according to the sheriff. No report on any untaxable income.

Illegal drug use in the friendly confines of Frederick is an epidemic, officials report. Heroin and cocaine apparently lead the way. Weed, otherwise known as marijuana, has inched its way into the state which okays medical marijuana use. This is enroute to active use.


Several states have legalized marijuana sales and use as is well known. Weed use for medicinal reasons is coming soon, quietly and quickly.


Users and weed sellers have the idea its fine to invade every area of the county. It's not a humorous or clever endeavor. Selling infected goodies is disturbing, against the law and should be prosecuted.


Apparently reminders are needed that illegal drug use is a life killer. Promoters and supporters need to visit rehab facilities, medical professionals, and jails, and prisons for a first-hand look at degradation and wrecked people, women and men.


On a lighter side, deputies in their raiding apparel was described as watching the march to the Gunfight at the OK Corral. This is good stuff.


According to an onlooker, "the pack of deputies wearing tactical holsters and vests walking down the midway in force was kind of impressive."


Comment? When pros get in the act, law prevails.


At the fairgrounds the show didn't miss a beat and continues today. Those in attendance flat out enjoyed themselves. City folks do flock to see baby pigs, ducks, pullets, beautiful canines and kitty cats and plants. The list goes on. All schools, public and private, should require classes at this local venue.


Someone asked: "If a little chicken is a pullet, why isn't a little bull a bullet." I don't know. But I can predict the Fair's Clyde Crum and Joe Devilbiss or Thurmont's award-winning farmer Rodman Myers can give the correct answer.


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