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September 22, 2016

Details in the Reading

Harry M. Covert

Just when this class was heading to a written exam of U.S. history, a confession is in order today. Please note "to err is human to forgive is divine."


The presiding wordsmith will explain along the way. So bear with me.


In the litigious age, the question is: Can students seek judicial help if their teachers, instructors or professors lead them astray?


Of course not. A nice thought though for brothers and sisters of the bar.


Most legal eagles might not want to know if their clients perpetuated the law-breaking to which they may be charged and indicted.


In my written oration of Monday past, I must confess, that without turning to judicial or editorial relief, your correspondent neglected to read the small print.


In a zealous report, I was clarifying the qualifications for president of the 50 states. First, I thought I'd seek to blame several previous history teachers. Second, quite naturally, my conscience got in the way. Those learned instructors were pretty good. They threw out the historical information with quizzes and exams. I absorbed and memorized the details. In fact one of my longtime friends, a judge, even gave me a personal copy of The Document.


My column was well received, and readers figured I was pretty eloquent on the page, nee email screen.


The last thing this space should do is mislead readers. Of course, we often use literary license, and cajole, and maybe harass, or poke a little fun at local events and figures in all stratas. That's a pleasant rite of passage for opinioneers.


To explain. Here's a question that would have been on today's quiz: What are the required qualifications for the highest office on in the land?


a. Be 35 years old and native-born in the 50 states and territories.

Answer: True or False?


b. Be born in Virginia, the mother of presidents.

Answer: True or False?


c. Be born at Ellis Island, Upper New York Bay.

Answer: True or False.


d. Be USA native born, at least 35 years in age and have lived 14 years in the Land of Liberty.

Answer: True or False.


e. Be born into families named Washington, Roosevelt, Bush, Clinton, and Elijah Mohammed.

Answer: True or False.


The answer is D! I failed to note three not only two qualifications of age, birth on native soil and 14 years residence.


I'm red-faced.


The nominees in the chase now fit the bill whether they attended the College of William and Mary, Harvard, Princeton, Wharton School of Business, Frederick Community College, or Hood, or Mount St. Mary's.


There's no need for the scribe here today to wear a "hair shirt" over this matter. I can thank Don DeArmon.


He is a fine writer and true political expert who kindly brought it to my attention.


The late Judge Macy Carmel always urged me to read and study The Constitution a half century ago. I know he's grinning now saying "I told you so. Details. Now you buy the coffee."


I will say everybody should read The U.S. Constitution, citizens and would be citizens. An amazing and almost divine document.


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