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September 19, 2016

Edith Wilson Deserves 1-A

Harry M. Covert

Will the class please come to order! Notebooks of all sorts are allowed and it matters not a whit if you're chewing Wrigley's or Double Bubble, but please no snuff, nor Red Man, Beech Nut, or Skoal.


Perhaps some civics is the order of this session. The lecture today was to be led by the Great National Debate. No quiz though. But we've been waylaid for a moment.


On the Frederick County front another eruption from opposing electeds. One about the executive's use of a county car. The other a reimbursement for an advertisement. Why not?


Good story, but while titillating, just more conversation without any bombshell. This does lead to the political health of the nation.


One of the current nominees for Commander-in-Chief could be the second woman to maybe wear a skirt in the Oval Office.


Now class let's go back in history. A dress-wearing person named Edith Wilson wore the pants at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue from 1919 to 1921. Woodrow Wilson's second wife took over the reins when WW suffered a debilitating stroke. Historians and book authors confirm she was actually the chief executive. There were no formidable challenging media types in those days. That's true.


Edith was a tough old gal. He was a Princeton man, former New Jersey governor and quite a ladies man. Let me add that he was a Presbyterian and born in Virginia. I read his bio.


This sort of takes the wind out of the sails for the current sickly candidate.


But, class, please remember, another spouse is standing in the wings. This time though the person waiting has had experience with two terms. If his wife were to be incapacitated he could bypass any attempt to exclude him and proceed with his third term as "acting" without any gobbledygook of his media allies and old time personal mafia. Yes, this is true.


Hope you'll appreciate this, we're not "whistling Dixie."


On the other side of the war between New Yorkers, the manly candidate has been demagogued and demeaned and smeared as not qualified for the office.


It must be emphasized that since all the intelligentsia like to think they know better than all others, that document called the Constitution says a president need meet only two requirements: No. 1 -- be a minimum 35 years old. No. 2 -- be native born. There is no approval for a crowning.


Historians may consider an asterisk next to Wilson's name to clear up the Acting President duty. This would create havoc in the listing but Edith would have 1-A designation as president.


Wilson was the 28th president. The fellow anxiously on the sideline today was no. #42. He wouldn't mind having a 2-A listing and another stroll around the big house.


Returning to local conflict, the issues pale in comparison to the fight going on. Name-calling is at an all-time high. A county vehicle or advertisement headline? Consider the vehicle costs for the top dawgs? Incredible, but who cares? How about the airplane costs? It's part of the game. Billions and millions being spent.


Health talk is a reminder that the first president to die in office was William Henry Harrison, who likely caught his death by giving a lengthy speech during a rain storm in Frederick. The ninth president served for 32 days, and there are those who conclude he caught pneumonia in his two hour inaugural address.


Pneumonia is nothing to ignore, even in these days.


All right, class dismissed. It's -30-, newspaper talk for The End.


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