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September 16, 2016

All is Normal, Rather Good

Harry M. Covert

The current age of general boo-hooing, belly-aching, begging for apologies, street marches and other sorts of protesting is something to behold. Everybody, to be quite serious, has some gripe. What would the world be if everything was smooth as a baby's bottom? Don't answer the question.


It is more fun and consoling to moan and groan, especially if there is no lack of personal esteem and need for some public exposure.


If I try diligently, I can come up with some irritations over a lifetime. Who would care? For Heaven sakes, why should they?


The business today is everybody has the absolute right to say anything at any time, even when these words are not dignified or plain stupid. There are more idiotic remarks going around instead of kind and sensible words.


Growing up, or maturing, and matriculation can cause problems, emotional and otherwise. The latter wins hands down.


The occasion arose to spend time up and down the corridors of Frederick Memorial Hospital. Staff and physicians and volunteers smiling and friendly always.


Just when patients packed in the emergency areas thought they were ignored, it wasn’t so. Thank goodness the computer had everyone's best interests at heart and professional duties. Because patients were laying around did not mean action wasn't under way. No griping here and no reason to. Even valet parkers were happy and helpful. One didn't want to be tipped. He got it anyway.


Certainly complaints from citizens of all stripes for all kinds of sins must be addressed. Solutions must be found and problems solved. This is not easy.


Now, I'm not losing it. It's rather silly to bite the hand that feeds us. But that's going on constantly. This must be in all walks of life.


Some years have passed but I still remember my father giving me a few whacks. I'd like to say he was wrong, wrong, wrong. Durn it, he was right, right, right.


Then my mother insisted I take piano lessons. Practice had to be done daily. I tried to fool her during the hour session on the Wurlitzer. Didn't work. I paid the price. Longer at the keyboard.


In school we stood every day and recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the good old USA. No one considered not being respectful. This was in public schools. At graduation the exercises included the National Anthem, the Lord's Prayer, and "the band played music" before diploma presentations.


I have other gripes. I wasn't born rich, but I was able to read and write and spell pretty good. I enjoyed a good career in newspapers and public relations. Thankfully I learned mighty early the difference between hogwash, truth and common sense. Let me include trouble makers.


All this conversation of sitting down when the Star Spangled Banner is played is knuckleheaded. Stop and consider what this means to us and the world. I won't argue the free speech chatter. Being respectful and courteous is vital.


This nation has grown and evolved since 1607 and Jamestown. Should we ignore those days when the nation got started? Of course not.


We've been enduring the desire of some naysayers that memories and symbols of the Civil War should be expunged in public places. May God forgive me for not writing the War of Northern Aggression or War Between the States?


My perspective is each citizen of the 50 states is blessed. Sure, lots of things have been slow to change, but the local battle over the memorial of Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney is downright ignorance. Reconsidering that Francis Scott Key's placement also rates up there with absolute arrogance. We must not rewrite history.


The situation today is honestly about the same when the Thirteen Colonies got started. When the split occurred after Fort Sumter, in easy terms, the nation regrouped. That's rather simple I know, but the regrouping in Frederick and the rest of country continues.


Griping. Yes, if anyone listens, that's surprising. Good over evil does work.


No platitudes are necessary, but the nation is healthy, not in any way falling apart. Remember the Great Frederick Fair is underway, local high schools are booming, and plotting and planning for the future is in full swing.


All is normal and rather good. Naysayers need only go to the Fair, enjoy everything, and jump on the desserts.


Be happy with what you have!


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