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September 15, 2016

Trump v. Clinton plus Obama

Patricia A. Kelly

I’m sure my life would be happier and more peaceful without this presidential election, but, I admit, I’m a political junkie right now and just can’t ignore it, or the behavior of our president.


Latest on the current presidential front was Obama’s negative comments calling Americans lazy, as well as his anti-Trump statements, while on foreign soil in Laos, not to mention his assertion that, considering our prior relationship with Laos, it is now our moral obligation to help them recover from the Vietnam War.


Meanwhile, Bashar Al Assad attacked his people again with chemical weapons. Will the president ever stop ignoring, or apologizing? Will he ever stop criticizing the country he represents while on foreign soil? Maybe in January….


The best moment I saw for President Obama was the look he gave to Vladimir Putin while meeting him during their most recent Asian visit. I will also give him a point for cancelling his meeting with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Together they bring his score up to, maybe minus one hundred. It’s embarrassing to have a president who doesn’t show pride in his own country.


Donald Trump, although he has a way to go, has greatly improved his approach to things, with only an occasional backslide. I recently filled out a poll from his organization and, in the space for free text, I wrote: “Extreme vetting of tweets.” From my lips to God’s ears! Thank goodness he is using written aids to keep on point, as his points are pretty good.


He is actively studying the details of issues, meeting frequently with advisory groups of experts. As a businessmen, he observed things, but never had to consider issues in such minute detail as now, when he must develop workable policies. His newly refined immigration plan to wait until needed reforms are made to decide what to do with long term, contributing illegal immigrants is an excellent example. His proposal to allow veterans to seek private care if the VA doesn’t work is awesome. His plan to meet with leading generals to get their expert ideas about how to beat ISIS is a stellar change from the present president, who didn’t bother to meet all of his high level military leaders.


Trump’s ideas about providing real opportunity to the poor, and disenfranchised members of our society, is also a welcome change from an administration which has created theoretically protected groups among people who should be encouraged to unite as Americans. The associated political correctness requirements are divisive in the extreme. He is also right that new regulations and new agreements with other countries, even accepting large numbers of unvetted refugees, should take into consideration the rights and freedoms of Americans.


The thought of going forward with Hillary Clinton as president is horrifying. More and more information is becoming available about her email peccadillos. But that alone, as dispiriting as it would be to have someone who distorts the truth that much as president, is not nearly as bad as her policies. Her support for attacking Libya, the Benghazi debacle, her support for Mohammad Morzi in Egypt, a Muslim Brotherhood member who was not freely elected, and who lied about an inclusive government, her nation building, are just the beginning.


It’s ridiculous to attempt to “install” democracy in countries where people are so poor and illiterate that they have no idea about how to participate. These people want food, shelter, and basic human rights. Mrs. Clinton would continue to provide foreign aid without considering the travesties committed by abusive dictators. She’ll undoubtedly continue to make deals without considering abhorrent behavior of some leaders. Foreign aid should actually help people, and go to countries who support the core American value of human rights.


As for our disenfranchised citizens, she offers the same liberal pap that isn’t working now – apologies, welfare, and encouragement of the use of multiple languages and cultural separation. I guess she hasn’t noticed how that’s working in Europe.


Neither Trump nor Clinton is perfect, by any means, but our country is definitely worse off than it was eight years ago, and Mrs. Clinton promises more of the same.


We need a different path, and we need it now. Yes, we need to stay on the world stage, leading both in negotiations and by example. We need to re-embrace personal freedom and opportunity. We need to insist that all who are loyal to the U.S. are indeed Americans, and brothers. We can do this.


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