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September 13, 2016

Hillary’s Health

Ken Kellar

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s health has been questioned for years with concern increasing these past few months. Remember the Benghazi hearings with the prismatic glasses?


Her position was that she fell and suffered a concussion. Her husband said it took her six months to recover from that incident and ensuing blood clot. A 2012 Time article claimed Hillary had a history of clotting problems in various body parts.


A more recent symptom was a couple episodes of bug-eyed, slack-jawed, head gyrations. Some saw a neurological disorder there; others think she just doesn’t know how to behave in public.


This summer, severe, extended coughing fits have raised questions. In at least one case, Hillary alluded to allergies.


Mrs. Clinton has laughed off any questions of her health – as she does any question she does not want to address – by calling any health inquiry a “conspiracy theory.” If she is sick and hiding it, I’d call it a “cover up,” not a “conspiracy theory”.


You see, a “conspiracy theorist” is usually a kook. Calling it a conspiracy challenges the questioner. “Cover up” is more appropriate and properly focuses the attention on the deceiver. Regarding her health, Hillary isn’t conspiring to commit a crime, she is hiding information from the public.


Well, on 9/11, Hillary had a major episode. Video clearly shows her collapsing and her limp body being tossed into a van. Reports shifted between “overheating,” “dehydration,” and “pneumonia.” Her PR people appear to have settled on “pneumonia.”


No more snarky accusations of “conspiracy theories.” Hillary Clinton is sick. By the way, a couple hours after her collapse from “pneumonia,” Hillary emerged from her daughter’s apartment in New York, not a hospital, and bent low putting her head near a small child’s in a sidewalk photo op to demonstrate her recovery. Pneumonia is contagious. So, that raises questions about the claimed diagnoses or questions about her concern for the health of a small child.


So, what’s the worry? She has a running mate who can take office if she succumbs while in office. Well, sure if she dies. But what if she enters the White House and stays alive but disabled?


Our system anticipates an incapacitated president and has procedures to cede power to the VP in such cases. However, with her level of integrity and the willingness of her cronies and the press to cover for her, there is no reason to believe she would publicly admit her ailment and resign to put the VP in power.


Her husband is a former two-term president. He would be a natural to lead from “her bedside.” Huma Abedin, Hillary’s personal handler, who has close ties to radical Islamists, would be a natural “messenger” for a sick and possibly drug addled Hillary. The legitimate president-in-waiting, VP Tim Kaine, might be kept “busy” going on vacations, excuse me, “diplomatic missions” just as he did as governor of Virginia when he accepted all-expense-paid trips from cronies and lobbyists.


I do not believe Hillary Clinton, or her staff, could be trusted to follow established protocols should her health prevent her from performing her duties. I think there is a real possibility a sick Hillary Clinton in office would lead to a completely unauthorized and corrupted presidency with surrogates running the show.


Am I just another conspiracy theorist? Consider this. Think back over this presidential campaign. We have seen Donald Trump make proposals and claims. We have seen him modify and tune his positions and flesh out some proposals such as his immigration policy. Love him or hate him, you are witnessing an active, thinking, learning Donald Trump.


Now reflect on Hillary Clinton’s campaign. What is her policy on anything? No, not Obama’s status quo. What is her policy? Perhaps her bad health has already affected her ability to think, plan and dream of a better future. She seems to me to be stumbling along, trying to “just make it” to the finish line. Well, the presidency of the United States isn’t a prize, it’s a job.


Had Hillary been honest with her countrymen, her party could have considered selecting a more viable candidate. As it stands, I think her party is out of time and options with early voting already underway.


If you are still considering casting a vote for Hillary, what will you get if she wins?


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