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September 12, 2016

The Golden Opportunity

Harry M. Covert

How pleasant the words, The Golden Mile. They are quite like twinkling lights that invite opportunity for Frederick. This is not a new talking point. It is one returning to the exciting world of entrepreneurs, developers, business leaders and everyday people.


Thanks to one, if the richest companies in the world, Walmart, its geyser of talk has caught the attention of the city and surrounding communities. The store pulled a stunner recently. After announced plans to build another massive shopping edifice on The Golden Mile, Route 40, the corporation canceled the multi-million project at the old Fredericktown Mall.


As Hal Grau, the well-respected retired coach wrote in his recent Frederick News-Post column, the mega corporation actually did a favor to the city and county in general and the people specifically.


Coach Grau described the situation in grand detail and called it opportunity. No wonder he has been such a successful football coach and teacher.


There should be no dismay from the vanishing act.


How exciting it will be to construct a major sports and convention center. The idea to create an arena for all levels of athletic competition and a facility to include big time concerts, including operas and shows like The Jersey Boys, Broadway shows, and international performers like the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.


This is not meant to downgrade other area venues, merely to suggest economic development of the highest caliber.


The Golden Mile enhanced would be something, as Coach Grau suggested, for high school, collegiate and professional activities – basketball, ice hockey and indoor soccer. Maybe an Arena Football League franchise.


Opportunities are endless. Several sports figures, business leaders and expert participants in games of chance, card-playing, roulette and blackjack have some strong suggestions.


For example, lots of travelers on I-270, I-70 and U.S. 15, would love stopping by and playing in a den of fun and games.


Why not a Frederick Casino? Why ride further west to Charles Town for entertainment of the gambling and horse maneuvers.


There could be good funding for new schools, libraries, school supplies for the needy, taking care of the elderly and infirm, and jobs for contractors. And, as some preachers have said, "the devil has had the cash long enough."


I'm always thinking of how to increase wages for the Forces of Law Enforcement (FLO) and better known as LEO. Members of the sheriff's office and city police department would surely increase; the state's attorney's office would need more prosecutors; and the chance for more judges and clerks would increase.


Also there could be more medical facilities in case any need stitching from fisticuffs or differences of opinion, non-political excluded, maybe. Political combat is always an order of the day and good for writers.


The Divines are accurate. Stop all this jerking around and fill the coffers from the one-armed bandits and accompanying gambling features.


A new church could be established, something on the order of Casino Church of the Open Door. There would be no slots leading to the pews but that’s an idea to consider.


Property on The Golden Mile could handle Coach Grau's complex alongside a glittering promenade.


These ventures could offer better paying jobs than another Walmart enterprise. I'm not making this up. I gleaned these ideas from well-established odds makers and opportunists (this is not to be confused with ugly business builders), or those who know how to create wealth and prosperity.


All kinds of opportunities will arise with a new Fredericktown Mall infusion. Where the people are, there is success.


Frederick's neighbors in West “By God” Virginia will have some obvious immeasurable flutters. Why not?


Travelers would prefer stopping in Frederick and save on mileage and expenses. Frederick's Live Casino would put a crimp in Baltimore's money-gushing efforts and probably diminish the Hollywood Casino in Charles Town.


Take a moment please. Think on these things. They are not silly or flapdoodlish.


The new Golden Mile? Just do it.


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