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September 9, 2016

Goodbye NFL

Ken Kellar

While in China our current president defended the National Football League (NFL) bum that won’t stand during our national anthem, citing the bum as an example of “active citizenry.”


Have you ever thought, “Man, our nation is perfect, nothing needs improvement?” I have never thought that.


I always have some gripe with my nation and its government, yet I always stand for my nation’s anthem. However, it looks like our president is supporting a new tradition, publicly disrespecting your nation until your personal fantasy of what the country should be occurs.


How long before the camera panning the crowd at events will show numerous “fans” sitting out the anthem? Under this regime, nothing is sacred unless he and his cronies declare it so. How will you feel at your next public event or game when the people next to you are sitting during the anthem, or maybe even shouting over the singer?


The anthem is a time to get serious for a moment, to reflect on our blessings, be thankful for our nation and its founding, and to feel a sense of brotherhood among all Americans and even other nations. At international events, all stand for everyone’s anthem, showing respect for another country and its people.


Formality during the anthem is not an antiquated practice. It is an uplifting and uniting tradition. How will you feel the first time you witness that tradition being trashed in person? Will you feel pride in our constitutional freedoms? Will you feel hate? Contempt? Will you experience the urge to harm?


Well, our constitutional “genius” of a president says the bum has a right to sit. Of course, he does brainiac! Here is another right. The NFL has a right to fire the bum, yet they are not exercising that right. Maybe they are contractually obligated to pay him, but he doesn’t need to be in the stadium to collect his check.


I will exercise my free market right to boycott the NFL. Why? Because I’m sure if the bum said something insensitive to transgenders he’d already be suspended or worse. The bum is doing something insensitive to hundreds of millions with no NFL action.


Well, NFL, here is my action. I see a commercial with the NFL in it, I change the channel. I see a store carrying NFL paraphernalia, I leave it. I see a fast food joint with an NFL promotion, I drive by. If I’m shopping online and see an NFL product or advertisement, I close that window and open another. So, businesses, if you associate yourself with the NFL, I disassociate myself from you!


Of course, my actions will not cause measurable financial harm to the NFL. However, my actions will give me peace that I am doing what I can to hold this nation together, unlike our Divider-in-Chief.


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