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September 1, 2016

Finally, Illegitimacy of ‘Testing’

Harry M. Covert

It was a pleasant story. The Frederick County Board of Education has finally, even under immense pressure, decided that students unable to speak or communicate by themselves don’t have to take standardized tests.


Just why locals had to be coerced to that decision is simply beyond good thinking, common sense, and so-called interest in education. Their responsibilities are for honest care and education to all public schools. This includes disabled students, who are entitled to attend public classrooms.


The recent ruling is solely due to Cindy A. Rose. This distinguished mother happens to be a columnist for She has taken leave for a while from essaying as she is campaigning for a seat on the school board in November’s election.


“I would want readers to know this policy adoption [by the board of education] is a huge win for parental rights,” Ms. Rose said. “Adoption of the refusal language in policy 511 restores and recognizes that parents still have a say in the classroom.”


She emphasized that “the main reason I am running for the Board of Education is to help restore local community control over our classrooms. That means what we teach, how we teach it, when we teach it and how we test the success of the understanding of what we teach. The adoption of this policy means public pressure ‘can’ make elected officials do the right things. I'll remind your readers that current BoE (Board of Education) candidate Joy Schaeffer voted against a parent’s right to refuse during our hearing before the board.”


The matter of standardized student testing came to the fore over the past few years simply because of Ms. Rose’s diligence, hard work and continuing battling with school officials for fairness to students and parents.


She finished second in the primary race in April of this year and has caused great anticipation among school officials and administrators as well as Board of Education members if she wins a seat. She received 17,519 votes that amounted to 14.98 percent of all the ballots cast. Lots of citizens have and are paying attention.


Ms. Rose is a doer, she makes things happen and she gets results. What a role for a public spirited official and especially for that person who wins the seat.


One of the wretched things in the standardized testing matter is that so many parents with handicapped children aren’t aware of the seriousness of this business. Sad also is that far too many parents don’t know the trials and tribulations of others whose offspring require extreme care and attention.


When I first head the tale of a public school child unable to speak, express or communicate regarding the testing I was flabbergasted. Actually, I should write, I was dumbfounded by the insensitivity of officials in general regarding a student’s need. Then I got to thinking how the local would-be educators could be so thoughtless. No matter how it’s cut, refusal to allow the child’s mother to speak for him is absolutely incredulous and irresponsible – 100 percent.


I know something about disabled children. Public school officials so daft about the matter should be removed from their positions. Making silly and ignorant rules are the very reason people are up in arms about the state of education everywhere. I’d wager some changes are on the horizon and not too soon for my taste.


Ms. Rose said, and I am incomplete accord, “Voting is the most important thing you can do for education. Education is the foundation of personal and governmental sovereignty or serfdom and socialism. Never cast a vote willy-nilly. Outcomes have real life consequences, especially on the local level. That's how important I believe this policy adoption is.”


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