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August 4, 2016

Robbin’, Shootin’ in Downtown Frederick

Harry M. Covert

For the life if me, I don't understand why the Annapolis legislature won't allow concealed carry weapons for good people.


In recent days in Frederick City alone, there have been two instances where a downtown restaurant was held up – robbed – by a handgun-toting knot head. A day or so later another fellow, a young one, fired off a round or two and sent late night partygoers scrambling. In downtown! That’s not fun. Somebody could get killed.


On Monday a Baltimore County woman aimed a shotgun at police in a barricade situation. Unfortunately, she was fatally shot by police who did rescue a wounded five-year-old child.


No doubt there is some sort of mental problem. Consider for a moment how would officers know the woman was suffering from a disorder? This did not appear to be SBC – suicide by cop.


To be brazen, good people, sane men and women and boys and girls of all ages don't try to rob and shoot just to be get their names in the public prints, or to appear on news programs.


Everybody can run around, up and down the streets and act like fools. The gun situation isn't going to change one iota. In truth, the facts are simple. The whole matter is a faux argument, a white elephant, phonus balonus and only provides do-gooders with something to do. The unlawful shootings and killings so prevalent today have nothing to do with good citizenship.


 Why are average hardworking and God-fearing Fredericktonians denied the right to carry their automatics or revolvers holstered on hips or ankles? This is a voice in the wilderness.


Let's point out the above mentioned jerks were carrying guns illegally. These fellows didn't give a hoot that they didn't have a permit from the State Police or any other agency for packing.


Are citizens aware that retired conservators of the peace aren't allowed to be armed? Probably not. These men and women have studied, prepared and provided safety and security for everybody for years. You mean they aren't qualified to be prepared? Durn right they are and deserve to carry their armed weapons.


Most retirees from police agencies are gifted their side arms at retirement. They know how to use them.


Guns, concealed or not, are defensive, not offensive.


Hearing the ignorance from those wanting to take away personal Glocks, Smith & Wessons, and others is only feel-good talk that won't solve anything? That is true.


No, we don't want everybody strutting down the avenue showing off. Who enjoys visiting downtown Baltimore or the nation's capital without a little protection?


A preacher I know, who served as a jail chaplain, conducted a funeral for a felon who succumbed inside. Mourners were a who's who of the criminal class. Some scary under class types. Preacher man wore an ankle holster with an armed gat, that's bad guy talk, during the proceedings.


Why would the reverend present a message for the deceased felon armed? "Guns may be outlawed outside of this funeral chapel but these fellows are packing and wouldn't hesitate to use them. Police aren't checking permits."


There are exceptions to every rule. Everybody knows that – or should.


I know lots of public figures, including preachers and lawmakers who wear bullet-proof suits, yes suits. They are well tailored and will stop a bullet. Next time you watch the VIPs on television or their campaign modes, take a gander at their nicely styled double vent suits. The security teams look good, too.


All these people may not be Eagle Scouts, but they know the motto, Be Prepared.


If all the protected good old boys and girls can be surrounded by various new and improved weapons, why can't the good people?


We can't, because of the wimpy legislators and cry babies. Second Amendment lovers can only be illegal if they dare carry. Chances are they won't be caught unless they have to defend their honor or lives.


I love the story of the Virginia bail bondsman who searched for a $5,000 bail jumper. He hunted all over the Commonwealth, the District of Columbia and Maryland until the kindly grandmother informed on her beloved.


Supposedly a religious fellow, the bondsman put on a clerical collar, an ankle holster, and handcuffs and greeted his prey at a DC metro prancing down the escalator with a girlfriend on each arm. A real dandy.


"Bless you my son, been to church lately?"


Before the felon knew what was happening, the bracelets were on his wrists and off he went, minus his pretty female friends, to jail.


DC gun laws be damned, the bondsman got his man and the locals didn't check any gun permits.


Don't say Maryland lawmakers can't get some gumption.


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