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August 2, 2016

Hear ye! Hear ye! Please!

Harry M. Covert

Several items need attention involving life and times in the city and county of Frederick. I have the floor. I'm not running for any office and have no intention of doing so.


Why should the peoples hereabout be so willing to take a backseat to what's called Charm City or any place else in the Free State. There's no competition, of course.


All of the above is for a good reason. Why not a new big convention center and hotel in downtown Frederick? Why not bring in some exciting political and entertainment or other attractions?


Already there are some fine facilities highlighting fun and games that bring business to the hospitality endeavors. There are the following excellent stadia and auditoriums: The Great Frederick Fairgrounds, Weinberg Center, arenas at Hood College, Mount St. Mary's, The Jack B. Kussmaul Theater at Frederick Community College, and high schools gyms and auditoriums. I didn’t forget Harry Grove Stadium.


I'm wagging on about this because it's a good plan to develop downtown Frederick with a beautiful hotel and convention center. Only thing necessary to make it a fantastic draw is to bring in a top dog director who knows how to fill seats, schedule the best money-making maestro.


While lots of naysayers like being argumentative because they can, the convention center can sell naming rights. The old Baltimore Arena is now the Royal Farms Arena with an annual payment to the city of $250,000. It seats only 14,000.


Some well-meaning people will bellyache over possible high parking fees or other things. It would be good to provide a venue for bigger organizations.


Another astonishment for locals is how long the County Council can put up with its president. Why is it so difficult to put items on the regular council meeting agenda? Members don't have to agree on things, but they do have the right and duty as electeds to have items up for discussion.


It is troubling that the current president is unconscious to his duty. Sure, there is a separation of legislation and the judiciary. Respect for citizens and voters is a must. What good is a County Council, or aldermen and women, or state legislature, or federal Congress if members can't represent constituents?


Certainly personalities get in the way all the time. The courts naturally prefer to avoid overseeing legislative bodies, or to get involved in the member fights. The situation among the Frederick County Council has gotten out of hand. The current president did quit his party membership before he was kicked out, but he still stymies things.


It's rather simple to be courteous and friendly to opponents on any board or commission. Why not? Lots more can be accomplishment with a little common sense.


To be forthright, the time has come for some legal action to force the council chairman, nee president, to act with some sense. Isn't there a neutral member of the bar who'd take on the case for the good of the county? Pro bono would be nice, but good citizens could raise the fee in dollars.


This would be a good opportunity for a budding legal eagle to earn his or her chops. I mean improve his or her standing among the judiciary and community. Heck, if the situation doesn't improve immediately at Winchester Hall, somehow the governor could send in state officials and grab the problem by the throat.


Why should the county be forced to deal with inferior leadership? Do voters have to endure agenda pettiness? Should the public wait a few more years to set things straight? The answer is no. My admiration for the courts abounds. Sometimes a quiet phone call from high authority works wonders.


Hear ye! Hear ye! Court is in session.


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