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July 29, 2016

No one ever more qualified than Hillary Clinton?

Ken Kellar

The other night President Barack Obama claimed Hillary Clinton is the most qualified presidential candidate in United States history. Seriously, Mr. Obama?


So, Hillary is more qualified than:

·         George Washington?

·         John Adams?

·         Thomas Jefferson?

·         James Madison?

·         John Quincy Adams?

·         Franklin Roosevelt?

·         Dwight Eisenhower?

·         John Kennedy?


Her credentials: law degree, wife of a president, senator, secretary of state. They pale in comparison to the qualifications of those listed above.


Hillary does not even match the number of titles held by some former presidents. Thomas Jefferson’s credentials, for example: law degree, state legislator, author of the Declaration of Independence, governor, ambassador to France, secretary of state, vice president.


A couple of the presidents held fewer titles than Mrs. Clinton. For example George Washington and Dwight D. Eisenhower were just generals. Those jobs, of course, required no management skills or diplomatic abilities right? General Washington was handed everything right? He didn't have to simultaneously draw support from a weak Continental Congress while executing a war against a well-equipped enemy with superior numbers, now did he? Same for General Eisenhower, right? The allies just naturally fell together, especially Joseph Stalin.


Now, if we look at Hillary's performance under her various titles, President Obama's claim is shown to be even weaker.


Her short law career involved undercover hatchet jobs to impose federal mandates as well as her notable tearing down the character of a 14-year-old rape victim in order to set her attacker free. She was fired from the Watergate Commission for ethics issues.


As a presidential wife, she presided over her government health care fiasco and her husband's long chain of sexual conquests.


As senator from New York? Other than her votes along with the crowd to dive into Iraq, I have nothing.


Secretary of state? She flew way more miles than Thomas Jefferson. She advised President Obama on Libya, Egypt, Syria, Russia, China, etc. She was on watch as her Benghazi office was attacked and her ambassador murdered. Even her Benghazi cover up was ill-conceived and incompetently executed. Oh, and she put who knows how many state secrets at risk with her rejection of established security laws and protocols.


So, there you go, President Obama once again bucks reality, ignores actual history (or displays his ignorance of the subject) and declares Hillary the most qualified candidate ever, even though she has held fewer positions, done less and failed more in what she did try to do than her predecessors.


President Obama's brain resides in a strange little world.


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