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July 26, 2016

Warning: Money, Money, More Money

Harry M. Covert

“The following may be a trigger warning." It is nice that teevee people are so caring about emotional stress of viewers.


The habit on screens reporting shootings, bombings, murders and other newsy goings-on is to warn watchers "you may be scared or offended or enjoy" this segment.


It sure is amusing and thoughtful. How many shows are constantly showing the evil and bad things that are happening? Gangland shootings, knifings, suggestive sex scenes, war scenes old and new. That's in regular programming, my friends.


What has been scarier than watching protestors marching with nasty slogans? Or listening and watching the profane conduct and talk on what's called the public airways?


It is a difficult thing avoiding being a cynic. I have to admit here and now, it’s fun, too.


We are in this day and age the commentating good old boys and girls offer nonstop chatter until their computers interrupt for commercial messages. There are no trigger warnings just "we'll be back after these messages."


Then, listen to the partisans use ad nauseam words – scary, frightening, mean, dangerous, dark, catastrophic, mean spirited, terroristic, hateful, insulting, and bad – and so many others.


The partisans are outdoing themselves incredibly these days. You gotta laff watching the consultants do their best to con the viewers. They have no qualms about stretching truths and barefaced bull.


I'm a believer in protecting the environment. It is nothing but nonsense, though, to say this is the most dangerous threat to the USA today. I'll not enumerate other serious and dangerous events going on. Call them anything you want, but the threats are worse than melting icebergs.


The bottom line is no secret. Money, money and more money. Have hurting Americans, retirees, school teachers, law enforcers at all levels, military men and women and veterans paid any attention to the unbelievable amounts of election legal tender running rampant throughout the land? Then being told the nation's debt is, well, $19 trillion. Who cares? I don't really know.


Perhaps I'm jealous of all the talkers. They get paid a lot of "jack" for looking pretty and trying to tell us not-so-smart citizens what we've just seen and heard and possibly sway us one way or another. Age, I can attest, has advantages whether we like it or not.


It is astonishing to listen to teevee wags these days. No, I don’t have to watch this week’s historic shenanigans in Rocky’s city. Current participants will probably want to use some of the fighter’s gloves. That would bring about some good “trigger warnings” and exciting newspaper stories. I won’t be one of the angry mob.


Later I’ll be penning about a missionary vice presidential entrant and his father-in-law. It’s too bad the VPOTUS contender isn’t on top.


Involvement in this process though does bring to mind what an esteemed early political watcher said: "If a politician found he had cannibals among his constituents, he would promise them missionaries for dinner.” Mighty familiar today. That Henry Mencken was on target, even a century ago.


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