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July 22, 2016

The Fun Side of Politics

Patricia A. Kelly

So, politics can be fun after all. The Republican National Convention has been full of fun, along with some very interesting moments.


The most fun has come from Donald Trump’s timing and showmanship. That entrance to the tune of “We Are Champions” was awesome! The visual came from Rocky IV (OMG, not plagiarism), when the cheating scumbag Russian boxer, Ivan Drago entered the auditorium for his fight with Rocky.  It was awesome then, too.


Unusual for me, I didn’t take this as a further sign of Trump’s over-large ego. As he emerged from the fog clapping his hands, I thought he was applauding the audience, defining them as the champions, rather than himself.


I thought his entrance at the end of Ted Cruz’s speech was pretty awesome, too. It was well deserved, and had a lovely, near-subtlety about it.

I heard yesterday that Ted’s team was shocked by the reaction, both of the crowd and others. He really showed himself this morning when he asserted he would never crawl up smiling and saying thank you after Trump’s obviously inappropriate comments during the campaign about Cruz’s wife Heidi and dad Rafael Cruz.


Was this whole thing an attempt at payback, a display of power, a foray into the 2020 race, or a principled stand? I think we can eliminate choice four, after the remarks about his wife and dad.


I keep getting this visual in my head of two big swaggering guys, one saying, “I’m better than you,” and the other saying “Really?” while knocking the first one off his feet. Truly a moment from “Clash of the Titans.” Donald Trump definitely won that one, in my view. Cool move, Sir. Grave miscalculation, Mr. “Principle.”


Then there’s the Melania story. She gave such an effort, and made such a moving, heartfelt speech that my heart melted for her. That had to be so difficult, considering her inexperience in such a venue. How sad that she was caught up in a plagiarism scandal, when, unless someone was purposely subverting her, it had to be an accident. No one would be stupid enough to plagiarize the wife of the opposition party president, on purpose, on such an occasion.


It reminds me of FBI Director James Comey’s recommendation regarding indictment of Hillary Clinton. Is it necessary to have intent to plagiarize?


I just hope Melania comes back after her day of rest, her usual beautiful self, with her usual wonderful smile, because she is appreciated. I just wish she could get “The Donald” to get a briefing before he gives his opinion on things. But now, he will get briefings.


Now for a little tribute to the press. So far they’ve spent an entire day saying the Melania scandal ruined one day of the convention, and another entire day saying that Senator Cruz usurped the next. Much of the rest of the time, at least on the liberal side, they’ve talked endlessly about how fractured the Republican Party is. There are definite differences among Republicans, and the fight is public and vigorous, but fractured it’s not.


Until now, I have vigorously denounced Donald Trump as a presidential candidate, primarily because of what I considered his narcissism. I was convinced he said many outrageous things purposely, simply stating publicly what so many were saying in their homes. He didn’t seem to show appropriate emotion, expressing only anger, dismay, and braggadocio.


I have little tolerance for his crude and inappropriate comments. Even when the time for conciliation must have been obvious to him, he appeared unable to control his impulse to speak hastily. I didn’t want him to answer that red phone, alone, in the middle of the night.


Concern persists today, but I may end up counted in the number included in any “bump” Mr. Trump gets from the convention. I was quite impressed by some of the speakers who spoke of the private Trump, and his public emotional reticence. I have also been influenced by signs of genuine emotion from Mr. Trump himself, as he appeared moved and truly humbled by his nomination.


If Mr. Trump can develop a real dialogue with his running mate, Indiana Sen. Mike Pence, and with his experts, genuine balance could characterize our top leadership. The real change America needs could come. The last eight, and maybe 16 years, haven’t done us, or the world, any favors.


We’ll see. “It’s not over ‘til it’s over.”


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