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July 21, 2016

Keep Bags of Quote Marks Handy

Harry M. Covert

I learned early in the writing and newspaper games to always keep a bag full of quotation marks handy. You never know when wit and wisdom will strike and a pen, pencil or keyboard of some sort needs attention.


I know that "there's nothing new under the sun;" that "there is a time to laugh and a time to cry." I'm just borrowing these for this space and can prove where I found them.


How many people know the name Brian Lamb? Politic lovers everywhere should just thank him. I won't keep you guessing. He founded C-SPAN.


Okay, I used my remote and watched the various networks covering the Republican presidential convention. Actually, I had the good sense to concentrate as well on our favorite baseball teams, I'll call them the Harper's and Machado's. Then I listened and watched the activities from Cleveland on C-SPAN, all simultaneously.


The cable networks didn't let viewers see the festivities wall-to-wall. C-SPAN did and without comment.


The cable boys and girls have been – and are – too busy imposing their painful thoughts and ideas. They are so inaccurate and wrong. They should be embarrassed.


I know Fox News guru Roger Ailes is on the way out. Frankly, other news leaders should simply fire all of the gabbers they list as panelists, who pass themselves off as experts. With straight faces, they flack on.


Listen to one and all ask how they could have missed the Donald J. Trump triumph. I know, and so have a bunch of voters. None of the elitists and has-beens has a clue about "real Americans." A general, if you don't recall, said "all real Americans love to fight." I might add "us'ans" love to win, too.


The "smart ones and beautiful people" aren't plugged in. Isn't it obvious? They ought to be quiet and stop trying to be relevant. They keep talking that non-collegians aren't too smart as to the politics of today.


Hearing the talkers on the cable I thought of this quote: "beauty is skin deep, but dumb is to the bone." A wit now buried in Baltimore made it popular. Think I don't know who she is? I do! Not a writer of today, but the fabulous Dorothy Parker.


Miss Parker also had this gem: "I require three things in a man: he must be handsome, ruthless, and stupid.”


She sure was far-seeing.


There is no greater job than imposing scribbles on blank pages. It's easy if you read Elmore Leonard about writing from "Get Shorty."


"There's nothin' to know [about writing]. You have an idea, you write down what you wanna say. Then you get somebody to add in the commas and (expletive deleted) where they belong."


All this mishmash about Mrs. Trump's fantastic speech is only an effort to smear her and her husband. The media boondoggle must take a backseat. I don't go for stealing others words. I copyright my essays.


It is funny that the professional opinioneers keep themselves in the spotlight. "Heavenly days," the phrase made famous by Fibber McGee. "Have you no sense of decency?" That’s how Joseph N. Welch lashed out with this to Joe McCarthy.


At the risk of being accused of plagiarism, I'd insert "shame" regarding the teevee talkers.


Thanks again Brian Lamb and C-SPAN.


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