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July 7, 2016

A Nation 'Up for Grabs'

Harry M. Covert

Not for one second was I among the many who figured federal charges of any sort would be brought against a woman presidential nominee.


Sure, such anticipation was exaggerated and allowed partisans to cash in. While the brouhaha was more like a political joke, results this week really aren't uncommon.


Wishful thinking really got ahead of reality. I've been watching all the political exercises like everybody else. All this is weary but nothing is new.


What I liked about the FBI director's discourse was how he got in an impressive result. It did cross my mind that J. Edgar Hoover would've performed differently.


I realize the fate of the nation is up for grabs. A good question is will a constitutional amendment come along to allow third or more presidential terms. I mean for the "specials," like the firsts of various categories.


Let me expound. Who's going to be the first LGBTQ president? How about the first transgender chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? I'm not going further on this.


Maybe the mealy-mouth Congress could pass a one-time emergency law to allow a Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to occupy the White House. They do everything else they want and strut around like bantam roosters. Admit it, they have gall.


What the heck? What's the matter with a Bill Clinton or Barack Obama third term? Not for one moment would we be surprised that either/or they'd get another term at the public purse if the election was held today.


Frankly, maybe presidential rules should allow only superannuated personages to hold the office.


I've never thought an American president or nominees for "keys to the kingdom" should ever get a prison term. Just bad for world images. I'm probably alone in this thought.


I remember the time in 1973 when a Greek-American was forced to leave his office "a heartbeat away." What a penalty he had to pay. Yes, he was smeared but had a good speechwriter in Bill Safire and his claim to fame really was "nattering nabobs of negativism." A man ahead of his time. His bag of legal tender didn't come from Wall Street. Just like Al Capone, he didn't pay the federal taxes.


The federal judge who presided over Spiro Agnew's case actually wanted to imprison Maryland's former governor. But!


Let's point out, the attorney general of the day – Eliot Richardson – made a deal with Vice President Agnew and put the arm on Judge Walter E. Hoffman of Norfolk, a mighty fine collegiate football referee. Judge Hoffman regretted not jailing the man who made famous his nolo contendre plea.


So, those trying to make hay out of the pass for Hillary, forget it, it ain't new.


Actually, no matter how hard we try, the difficulty is trying to get through the facts. There is no way to not realize the nation is being fleeced. If that's too harsh, we're being skinned. On that we can all agree.


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