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July 1, 2016

Governorís Cabinet, 20-20 Vision

Harry M. Covert

Here we are smack in the middle of summer. Everybody in this haven of tranquility, I am speaking about Frederick City and county and all the other towns, is getting ready for the weekend and the birthday celebration.


There is a lot going on but we don’t have to be so philosophical or politically correct today. We all need a break from the business of local politics even though that’s difficult to do.


Since I now have what’s called 20-20 vision, thanks to West Pointer James Busack, I was able to clearly read the local daily print, The Frederick News-Post. I was struck by the front-page headline, “Police: Sheep Nabbed after night on the lam.” Witty and durn good headline writing. Editor Patrick Pexton said he and his minions “worked on that headline for a while.” Truly, readers love early morning humor, especially in these news days of murder and mayhem and the despicable terrorists.


If I had had my hat on, I would have tipped my fedora to the newspaper delivery person first and then to the writers.


I remember a know-it-all obit writer who slipped this funeral story by the city editor, spelling the notice as an “obitchuary.” His career ended by the time the afternoon papers came off the press.


There are other headlines that bring smiles to readers. Obviously many are double entendre and not to be mentioned here. Jerry Nachman, late editor of the New York Daily News, wrote this tabloid gem after the bombing of the USS Cole, “Bas***ds.” Certainly appropriate and he won a journalism award for its “Second Coming” typeface, 96 to 120 point.


This is a week, though, for Fredericktonians to bask in the glory of Gov. Larry Hogan’s appointment of Wendi Peters to his Cabinet as Maryland Secretary of Planning. She had been the Deputy Secretary. What a coup for Secretary Peters. Some local political watchers may recall she was snubbed by her party when the inimitable Kelly Schulz joined the governor’s cabinet as secretary of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. Wendi was ignored as a replacement for Kelly’s seat in the General Assembly.


Just to remind readers, Kelly was a distinguished member of the House of Delegates for quite a while and represented the county exceptionally well.


Secretary Peters established her impeccable credentials representing Mount Airy.


It’s fun to see the results when the good people defy party people, who think they’re the smart ones.


Also on my mind is the disarray of the County Council. If I wanted to be a bad boy, I’d suggest the members should go to class and study Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Better yet the majority should go to the C. Burr Artz Library and read Emily Post’s Etiquette. Oh, and there’s another, Robert’s Rules of Order.


From the front page of the News-Post, we learned again of the out-of-order members, I’m speaking about the majority sitters who merely exhibit no courtesies to minority members and make no effort to be pleasant and work for the overall good of the county. It’s not fun trying to watch the council in action. Thankfully reporters still take notes and write and keep voters and taxpayers in the know.


I don’t want to appear too inflexible talking about the council or even the school board. The best job in the world, despite the low pay, is writing about the so-called elite and big and little shots. They always give the ladies and gentlemen of the press good stories. Such benefits for readers, they never get old.


My historical knowledge may be limited hereabouts, but referring to the above “sheep…on the lam” tale, what in the world were the sheep doing in downtown Frederick. I’ll have to ask about that. Is sheep shearing legal in the county limits? Let’s ask the Historic Preservation Commission.


Since Governor Hogan is such an admirer of Frederick County talent, maybe he ought to intervene in some local politics and put his own people on the partisan committee.


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