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June 30, 2016

The Most Important Elections

Patricia A. Kelly

This year it’s Congress, and by that I mean both the House and the Senate. The presidential race is a mess, with the Republican candidate talking like a bully on the playground, and the Democrat under serious FBI investigation.


The conventions aren’t over, but there appears no escape from Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the nominees.


Mr. Trump may like to think the British were following his ideas when they voted to exit the European Union, but it’s more likely they were responding to the same anger and fear that led to Trump’s win.


The world is experiencing incredible transition. Floods of immigrants stream into Europe, into Britain, and the United States. At the same time, leaders promote separation rather than assimilation, and vetting is impossible.


Here, of course, we have laws not followed, executive efforts to bring in unknowns, undoubtedly infiltrated by terrorists, from the Middle East. Many current leaders promote separation of cultures and languages, rather than assimilation into the mainstream. The combination of a flood of immigration and official promotion of disunity is a recipe for disaster.


There’s climate change, increasing poverty and suffering throughout the world, societal manipulation by governments, weakening of police and military, to mention a few.


The Republican Party faces a disastrous candidate, who arose, just like ISIS, to fill the void left by failed leadership. The Democrats happily move us forward into a socialist, divisive future.


In the face of this disaster, congressional races are more important than ever.


A majority of good Republicans in Congress is the only real shot we have at sane government.  We must choose our candidates from men and women of both competence and character, people who will actually do the job they’re running for.


We are fortunate in Frederick County to have two awesome Republican candidates for the House of Representatives, Amie Hoeber in the 6th District, and Dan Cox in the 8th.


Amie is very accomplished woman who served as Undersecretary of the Army, and who has run her own business for decades, providing national security assistance to government agencies. She has worked, even before the election, to bring jobs to Western Maryland, always hard hit during any economic slowdown. She serves on the board of House of Ruth, a shelter for women suffering domestic abuse. She has advocated for women in business and the military.


She is intelligent, reliable and on the right side on the issues.


Her stand for us is security, prosperity, and life under a fair government. You can count on her to work tirelessly for your cause.


Dan Cox, not as well-known as Amie, is a classic, moral conservative, an attorney, and father of eight, with lifelong ties to Frederick County. He understands the issues, can read the fine print, an important skill in our convoluted government, and has made a big sacrifice, along with his family, to stand up for us, and for real American greatness.


He is running against one of the most liberal possible candidates, Jamie Raskin, who is so clueless about security, spending and societal fairness that one wonders at the success he has attained, no matter the split decision that contributed greatly to his win in the primary.


Both of these Republican candidates are people who can negotiate, work with others, and who care about the wellbeing of their constituents. Support them, contribute to their campaigns, and make them the winners they deserve to be!


They, along with Kathy Szeliga, an experienced and very successful state legislator who is running for the U. S. Senate, are our best hope when the future of the presidency is so in question.


After all, we have three branches of government. Congress can help, whoever wins the presidency, with the Supreme Court nomination process, with protecting our government from insolvency due to excessive debt, with smart solution for our military, with tax fairness, and with negotiating to make reasonable legislative decisions.


Let’s vote for sanity and excellence in every race we can still control with our votes. We need all the help we can get.


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