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As Long as We Remember...

June 24, 2016

America as a Young Man

Joe Charlebois

There once was a young man making his way in the world, who was blessed by God with intelligence, strength and ingenuity.


When he started his career, not too many paid heed to this upstart; for they saw that for all his strengths, he was disorganized and rebellious. He complained that his boss treated him unfairly. His boss was deferential to his own children; and, even though the young man enabled the boss to profit handsomely, he was not rewarded for his efforts.


Deep within there was a portion of him that didn’t want to leave. After all, he got his start from the boss. He owed his career to the boss, and he was distraught.


The young man had had enough.


After days of struggle and weighing his options, the young man spent a great deal of time in thought and eventually penned his resignation.


The boss was furious and hurt. He had spent a great deal of time grooming the young man and clearly felt that it was in his power to limit his opportunities.


Since the time that the young man went his own way, he has had ups and downs. He ended up competing with the boss over the next few years.


After a few disputes with the boss, the young man earned his respect and subsequently settled his differences with him. As the young man grew, he started to mature and gain the respect of others in the neighborhood as well.


As time went on, the young man eventually got married. It was an arranged marriage that benefitted both parties. Of course, with distinct differences in their upbringings, this made for strong disagreements within the young man’s house. These sharp differences led to a separation that nearly led to divorce. However, the young man fought to save the marriage, giving it all he had to make sure that it survived. Soon the couple was reunited.


The young man put his strengths to work and, as his wealth grew, he committed himself to not only providing the best for his family but was in a position of being able to provide a neighborhood watch when the local community was threatened.


A short time later, the young man came to the aid of his old boss when his life was threatened by a distant neighbor. The boss’ life was in jeopardy, and the young man and the old boss became best of friends.


When the young man came home, he found that his economic house was in shambles. He wasn’t alone in distress as everyone in the neighborhood was suffering. A sense of dread enveloped the area and certain neighbors became restless and blamed the difficulties on other neighbors and made claims on property that was not theirs.


Once again the young man came to the aide of his neighbors. He succeeded in quelling the threat and became the most respected and powerful member of the community.


Since that time the young man was blessed with unprecedented prosperity, so much so that he began to provide his family with ever increasing allowances. As the young man’s income rose and fell, he didn’t feel as if he could cut back on the promises he made to his family.


At this point he was obligated to borrow against future earnings. Other neighbors had felt comfortable loaning him money because they know that he had always paid them back.


But now, whispers around the neighborhood focus on the young man’s incredible debt and his desire to increase the family allowance without a proportionate increase in income.


With business slowing, they wonder how he’ll be able to pay back his debts.


Our young country – once the financial powerhouse that drove the world economy – may soon be stalled by incapacitating debt and held hostage by those who hold the notes.


We have the potential to be financially sound again and the star on the world stage; but unchecked spending under the guise of constitutional rights is a sure sign that out current leaders have no interest in that. They’d be satisfied with just being a member state in the world community.


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