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As Long as We Remember...

June 14, 2016

The Pulse of the Nation

Harry M. Covert

By all rights the subject today ought to be about local topics of interest. There are plenty. The growing upheaval regarding the Frederick County Council and more specifically, the so-called leadership of the president which is swirling – whether partisans agree or not. And, continuing, the discourtesy to the minority members of the board.


Conversation is getting more vociferous about teacher pay and how many are considering where the grass is greener in other public school systems. That’s probably true but the remuneration being dangled can be quite more expensive.


These are worthwhile subjects. To be frank, it’s difficult to keep attention on the above when national events get in the way. The beautiful Florida environment of Orlando was the weekend scene of terrorism and a massacre. Surely, most think such devastation could not and will not occur in Maryland’s historic largest county with rolling hills and pleasant communities. Don’t bet on that, though.


Any thinking about a focus for good and wise intellectual readers was wiped out when news bulletins flashed on the iPhone with the carnage at a night club, called Pulse, where some 300 patrons were allegedly having a good time. Imagine 49 killed and over 53 seriously injured from a home-grown terrorist. He used weapons legally obtained for his devastation. Fortunately he was killed in a flurry of gunfire with police. One policeman was injured, but his life was saved by a Kevlar helmet. Thank the Lord the feds weren’t able to remove military equipment from police agencies.


The Pulse is a popular club and nightspot for the homosexual-lesbian, et al, community. The killer was set off after seeing two men locking lips in Florida. In case readers are not aware yet, those of radical Islamic sects, believe in ridding society of LGBT devotees. This is absolutely a horrific event in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. In foreign lands where radical Islamists reign, they make no bones about murdering homosexuals and lesbians. The latter are hanged, thrown off roof tops, burned, decapitated and dismembered as everyone watches. This is not pleasant to mention, but they are facts.


Whether we like it or not, this nation is in trouble. Debate rages over firearm possession and whether the Florida butchery is a hate crime. Does it make a difference? The fatalities and injuries sadly are for all to see.


No doubt modern America has and is changing rapidly, maybe too fast. Slogans are rampant and silly. Overall, Mr. and Mrs. America don’t like the crumbling of morals. Call it whatever you want, but the day must come when the absurdities are stopped and calling the criminal behavior what it is – wrong. I’ve used the quote numerous times that “America is great because she is good.” Is the nation good anymore? The nation and leadership has lost its way.


The Orlando tragedy is an example of what can happen throughout this land or any of its communities. It is indeed scary.


For a moment, let’s consider the Frederick County situation. Perhaps candidates for Frederick’s elected offices should not be party related. The matter of Council President Bud Otis is not going away. He’s had his eye on running for county executive when Jan Gardner’s first-term nears its end. Whether she seeks another term will have no impact on his hopes. He will face a bitter public opposition. He may have left the Republican Party but his future is not good. He probably should resign. I feel sorry for him. Disloyalty is seldom rewarded, most particularly in the political game.


Now, to the school teachers. Say what they will, but teachers aren’t on the public dole. If they don’t enjoy their nice classrooms throughout this county, drive on to the messes in other Free State systems.


Another look at the terrorist. Law enforcement in these days have proven once again vital and on the ball. It’s nice to have hugs and kisses from the men and women in blue or black. But the danger they see every moment is nothing to sneeze at. Give them more guns and ammunition and let them have their nightsticks and thumb cuffs back on uniforms.


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