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June 9, 2016

World Series for Politics and Baseball

Harry M. Covert

Multi-tasking can be fun. This is expressly true when it comes to punching the teevee remote control in these largesse days of politics, baseball and tweeting. The fields of communication and comments are white with harvest – dare we use a scriptural emphasis.


Flipping the dial is easy. From the easy chair the night started with pre-game elocutions. First came expectations on the primary elections around the country, then going to the Washington Nationals’ baseball game in Chicago. By chance, and nosiness, a quick flip to the Orioles where the visiting Kansas City Royals were on the field at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore.


Being eager for the absolute latest updates from all quarters, I jumped on the computer phone. Well, went back to the news shows filling air time because the California polls had three hours or so before closing. All of the major cable and network outlets were carrying on as expected. Nothing new, just partisan guess work.


So, back to the Nationals and the curley W’s. A little shabby for a while, but patience is a virtue and it wasn’t long before the Nats got control. Smiles everywhere. It wasn’t long before Harper-Murphy-Baker & Company came to the fore and expanded their division lead to three games. Joy.


By chance another tap of the remote and there baseball’s best third baseman Manny Machado, formerly a Frederick Keys star, took a 99-mile-per-hour pitch from the Royals’ Yordano Ventura. Yikes. That hurt. I was glued to the screen. The O’s No. 13 charged the mound and got in a very nice punch or two to the head of the thrower. I was proud of him.


This was more fun than watching and listening to the same-old same-old from the political know-it-alls. All the news outlets of the sporting world noted a baseball brawl. No. It was a perfectly good and proper fight from the victim to the enemy hurler. I may report the pitcher had tried to pop Manny earlier in the game, missed and they exchanged unpleasant words that time.


This plunking of batters isn’t a new thing. Just last week Mr. Harper, the expected-to-be $750 million dollar man, took a 90-plus MPH pitch on his right knee in Cincinnati. The young star missed a few games to recover. This came after a disastrous series with the tough Chicago Cubs, who intentionally walked the 23-year-old instead of pitching to him. Emotionally Harper was effected, and he’s had a tough time in the batter’s box. That will change.


By the time all this baseball action was nearing victories for both “local” teams, it was evident history was being made on the political front. Bill Clinton’s wife was getting the vast majority of the California votes and she became the first woman to be nominated for president by a major political party. Eleanor Roosevelt, Helen Keller, Sojourner Truth, Katharine Graham, Harriett Tubman and Dorothy Parker would be thrilled beyond measure.


Madame Hillary now is officially coronated (sic) to battle with Donald Trump, enthroned for the warfare in the November election.


Those in Frederick County are familiar with the political acumen of women. The executive, Jan Gardner, is ensconced with the “keys to the kingdom.”


I don’t foresee the time when women will be on the diamonds one-on-one with men. It wouldn’t be nice to see a major leaguer try bean-balls.


By the time fall arrives, a distinct feeling will be popular for Nationals and Orioles fans. Hopefully the teams will be in the races for their division pennants and/or the World Series.


Along the same period if both warriors endure debates, verbal fisticuffs among themselves and their surrogates, the Real World Series will be finished.


Thanks to the late great Muhammad Ali, I never wagered since the night he knocked out Sonny Liston. Cost me $20 in that year. I realized prognostication was not one of my talents. No bets on this political run. I’d rather pin my expectations on winners like the “W’s” and “O’s”. It’s easier.


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