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June 7, 2016

Keeping the Pots Boiling

Harry M. Covert

Everybody all over the place is enduring the shock treatment of the past year. It’s hard to imagine the national political free-for-all gets worse every 24-hour period. It does.


Since the process has involved and enraged all devotees of all sorts, incomparable words have been spoken, written and mumbled. There’s no relief on the horizon.


Admittedly the New York braggart has awakened quite a bunch of people. Yes, this bureau has enjoyed the festivities because it gives real experts, opinion writers, professors, comedians and all varieties of others to jump in, keeping the pots boiling.


The tower man’s opponents have been somewhat shortchanged in the publicity department. Use of amazing, great, “my friends,” etcetera, etcetera ad nauseum has been limitless but goes on.


The former secretary of state maintains campaigning and voiding all the nasty press conferences. It is more fun to watch the “smart guy” gain so many supporters and scare the living daylights out of the power brokers, who are fighting for their lives.


Let’s not forget or ignore the Vermont senator. He has lit the interests of many, mostly young and millennials. The self-acclaimed socialist is disturbing the Democrat stronghold, but the guess is he’s had his day in the sun.


Mr. GOP has truly stirred the waters. Instead of basking in his success today, he needs to stop being his own public relations consultant. Several things have disturbed me since he began last June. Lots of people have given him smiles and grins, but it’s now time to devote to the serious business of leading the nation and cutting out the harshness and name-calling.


·         He owes Captain John McCain, USN, retired, an apology bigtime. Mr. McCain was tortured as a prisoner of war in Vietnam between 1967 and 1973. He is a U.S senator, former representative and, in case readers forgot, was a presidential nominee. That is Donald Trump’s almost unpardonable sin.


·         He may be witty, quick on the quip and pride himself on criticizing opponents, but he should not be condemning a federal judge. That’s merely foolish. The judge could well forgive him. He could toss him in the clink. Thumbing noses to a judge on any level, but especially a federal judge, is out and out stupid. Suppose the Trumpster is jailed for contempt or before any charges for his opponent?


·         He may be a quick read in 10-second blips, but it’s time to be a bit dignified. It’s alright to “rattle” foreign countries, but for all that’s holy use some gumption.


·         He may not like a few journalists and outlets he calls sleazy, but he ought to be grateful they’ve given him wall-to-wall coverage. Would he like it if editors and news directors quietly stopped talking and writing about his verbosity? That would grab his attention. He may never ask for forgiveness, but he’d be pleading, “You’re not fair to me.”


Voters only have the opportunity to vote for delegates in the national electioneering for president. Then the Electoral College takes over. Where is the one-man/woman one vote? Except on local and state elections do voters choose their leaders?


Campaigners are taking great joy in “going after” opponents. You’d think it was fisticuffs. Frankly, that could well develop after the conventions. Good manners are out the window.


So, who will be the 45th president? That’s a good question. The November election will generate record voting (for delegates to the Electoral College). Imagine how the results could be if a president could have a third or fourth term? Quite probably it would remain a male-only bastion.


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