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June 2, 2016

The Issues and The Solutions

Patricia A. Kelly

What a crazy time in politics! Our presidential election, just so far, has been unbelievable, from the Republican presumptive nominee’s name calling to the federal investigation into the email use by the Democratic front runner.


There are many issues facing our country now, from defense, to our relationships, both in trade and other areas, to individual rights, to the environment, to how far into debt our country should be.


First, comes the great push for transgender bathroom and locker room rights. This has been transformed into lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights, when it only relates, in reality, into transgender rights. I’ve read the suggestion that this push is a diversion on the part of our liberal leaders to help them win against conservatives in upcoming races, and an attempt to paint conservatives as hateful and uncaring.


In my view, this whole thing is a trumped up fight. If any person of any gender decided to disguise him or herself as a person of the opposite gender to enter a bathroom and abuse a child, he could. The transgender issue doesn’t change a thing. Let’s all go to the bathroom, close the stall doors, do our business, and move on. Let’s keep an eye on our children.


The second issue is global warming. This subject is also being used as a tool to get votes, and to increase big government control over individuals. In truth, good stewardship of the environment should be a concern for all, just as car and house maintenance are.


The earth unquestionably has limited ability to rebound from repeated insults, and we who live on it should and must work toward sustainable living practices. Some government involvement, and education and support for poor countries who need assistance in developing sustainable practices, is a good idea. The United States should work toward energy independence and sustainability.


Third is national defense. We should have a strong military, for both defense and as a deterrent against foreign aggression. It should be lean and mean, and ready. We should consult our military leaders to see what is needed, and not congressmen who want to keep tank factories working in their home districts or states. The military, in training exercises, could even help protect our borders, without a wall.


On immigration, I am confounded by the unwillingness to work toward fair and just solutions. We have laws. We should all follow them, even our president. If we don’t like them, we should change them.


Our legal immigration system needs reform. We should give priority to immigrants who can contribute to our country, not to distant family members of those already living here. Immediate family only should have priority. Sanctuary cities should experience every sanction available under the law.


After we do all of this, we should give careful consideration to what to do about long-term illegal residents, who have been contributing to our society. For now, our borders should be closed to illegal entry, and those overstaying visas should be deported.


On foreign policy and trade, we should stand more for American principles than for deals we make with dictators. Our foreign aid should go only to countries where human rights are protected, and to countries in need, for example, of assistance with developing sustainability, not to abusive dictators like Hosni Mubarak, who was given money only because he agreed not to attack Israel. This money went to the Egyptian military, while Egyptians living in Cairo are dying from liver failure caused by the contaminated water supply. We should not be nation building. Not everyone is ready for democracy.


In our own society, our leaders should be doing what they were elected to do, taking care of us. That doesn’t mean creating multiple new laws for every event. It doesn’t mean working to get money for their own districts at the expense of the rest of the nation in increased debt, wasteful programs, or ill-thought-out schemes to change the course of our society. These leaders are to be blamed much more than Wall Street for our recent financial debacles. They passed the laws that made much of this possible.


I’m sick of name calling and self-aggrandizement at the expense of others. I’m sick of people without honesty or good character remaining as powerful leaders. Our two major political parties, excessively powerful in affecting our presidential race, our people and our relations throughout the world, need reform, and need it now.


A lot of this is not that complicated.


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