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May 23, 2016

Otis Abandons Republican Party; Waits 18 months to Announce It

Ken Kellar

On Thursday, May 19, 2016, Frederick County Council President Harold “Bud” Otis changed his party affiliation to “unaffiliated” and held a press conference to announce the shift. Mr. Otis said something to the effect, “I’m sad I had to abandon my party.”


Well, Mr. Otis, just about every Republican in this county has been sad about your party abandonment for your entire time in office.


Do you remember Mary Posey, staring you down and castigating you for lying to get into office? Do you remember her tossing your campaign materials to the floor? Many of them had you declaring “I share your values!” – as your slogan. What a lie. An absolute lie. You sent those fliers to Republicans for a Republican primary.


You have not cast one vote in office along Republican Party lines. A Republican would vote on party lines in most cases because of shared ideals. A Christian would overcome past differences and do the job for which he was elected. A citizen would represent those who placed him in office. You have never been a Republican in this county, I question your Christianity and you are only a “citizen” because you have a mail box in the county.


In January 2016, I published the council voting record to that date. [] It is documented proof you “block vote” with the Democratic Party members of the council. Not occasionally! Not usually! Every vote!! That is not independent thinking. That is absolute betrayal.


Now on to your claim that you left the party because you have had some “boo boo” words with some councilmen who are outraged with your behavior and betrayal. Are you lying about your motives?


Two local politicians don’t bend to your will, so you must leave the party? You do know the Republican Party is a national level party with millions of members and an official platform? How did two local boys scare you away? If that’s the case, which I doubt, you are no patriot.


I think you have another reason. You know not a single Republican in this county, at least none that keep current, can stomach you. I have not found a single Republican that supports you, and I meet a lot of them. Not one. I think you know that.


But rather than accepting the amoral failure that your council seat has been, you are shape-shifting to stay in the game. Have you penciled in a date to graciously accept an invitation to join the Democratic Party? Are you going to run as an Independent? You know, absolutely know, you could not survive another Republican primary in this county.


You claim continued support of the “core values of the Republican party.”


Taxes? You’ve raised them. Spending? You’ve increased it. Size of government? You’ve increased it by scores of employees while voting to deny business opportunities and farmers the use of their land. You have not introduced any legislation other than what the Democratic county executive has tasked you with. Her proposals are fine for her party. She is doing what she promised when she ran for office. Your blind endorsement of all her proposals, as a man who called himself a Republican, is unconscionable.


I wish I could at least congratulate you on an honest declaration that you, sir, are no Republican. However, you have behaved so horribly, so vindictively during your term, I suspect this declaration is just more conniving and manipulation.


By the way, you can compare yourself to Abraham Lincoln all you want. I hold the minority opinion that he was a tyrant. But keep away from Ronald Reagan. It is a grievous insult that you equate your betrayal of Republican ideals to his enlightenment and acceptance of those ideals.


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