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May 19, 2016

The Media

Patricia A. Kelly

Stop torturing me! I mean it. I can’t stand to listen, read or watch you anymore. All you’re looking for is sensation, when I’m looking for news.


From The Frederick News-Post and their lame, ”left at any cost” story about Kathy Szeliga the other day, to the pundits on cable news, it’s just too much.


What did Donald Trump say today? What horrible person killed and mutilated whom and got away with it? What are Bernie Sanders’ exact words about Hillary? Is he making nice and trying to make peace with the Democratic Party, or is he actually fighting her? Is she so weak on the economy that she will be asking her husband to deal with it for her?


What is purported to be hard news is so slanted you know you’re not getting the whole story.


I don’t know how long I can take it.


Yes, I am a political junkie. I admit it. But I can stand only so much sensationalism, slanted reporting and, to be clear, B.S.


I am reduced to wondering what Glen Beck has to say about what to do about the election. That I would be driven to this is truly frightening.


Hillary Clinton holds the future of liberalism.


I’m pretty sure no one is really happy about this. Fans of Donald Trump are gloating. Their anger has been noted, and someone has finally responded, someone rich and strong.


On the liberal side, fans of Hillary say she is the most experienced and capable candidate, but, in her heart, she is not a liberal, and I think they know it.


They are both flawed candidates, Mr. Trump with his hasty, ill-thought-out remarks, and Ms. Clinton with her strident assertions, her constant shifting, as she searches for the sweet spot which will get her votes.


The media picks at both, looking not for their true stands on issues, but rather on any opportunity for an outrageous story.


Would I be the only person listening if the media reported objectively on the issues and the true stands of the candidates? Tell me it’s not so.


Yes, we the public, tired after our days of work, do need the short version of the facts, but they could still be substantive, and true.


There has to be information out there such as the impact of socialism on societies, comparison of different economic plans, genuine efforts to find reasonable solutions to the problems of both legal and illegal immigration, true and reasonable solutions to the very serious problems in our healthcare system.


We have real problems here. We need to take a serious, less partisan approach to solving them – on both sides.


Do I really have to read the entire 4,000 page Obamacare bill to understand the general drift of it? Other people, experts, have read it. I should be able to get genuine information on it and its’ impact from the news. Does anyone remember that costs are going to rise even more than they have after President Obama’s term ends?


As for the economy, people who study this should be able to provide real information about what has been successful in the past. As it stands, people shout their views about what will work, and their views are opposite. This cannot really reflect the truth, or hard data. I just know it’s out there, though.


Yes, my feelings about the presidential race and our choices may be affecting my view, and listening to repetitious drivel may be harder, given my emotional state, but the reality is that this is the almost universal state of journalism today. It bothered me during the O.J. Simpson trial, the George Zimmerman trial, the story of that Ohio guy who held three women hostage in his home for so many years, and etc.


The media, the “news” media, has become a money machine, looking for shock value that can bring in revenue, rather than an entity that provides a public service.


What can we do besides stop watching? Can we really resist that look into the dark basement with the chains and whips? Can we really resist learning about Mr. Trump’s latest off the cuff remark, or the strident whining of Ms. Clinton?


Don’t make us decide. Just give us some news.


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