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May 11, 2016

Elections Here and There

Tom McLaughlin

Kuching, Malaysian Borneo – The elections here in Borneo are over. They were held on Saturday after 11 days of campaigning.


The prime minister came over from the Peninsula to rally support with the chief minister. They toured most of Sarawak and made promises that may occur after the election. They are supposed to build a road along the length of Sarawak, something that has been promised since independence in 1963. Things move slowly here.


Here, the state is divided into something like congressional districts, according to population. There is one man elected from each district. The party that wins the most districts elects the chief minister. The party that won elected 72 against 10 for the opposition.


There were a few signs out for the parties. BN, the major party here and the one that the chief minister belongs to, had many banners. The opposition, just a few. They even carried them on boats running across the river. BN brought out the elderly to participate in the process.


The only thing that marred the election was the crash of a helicopter that killed several people. One was the Minister of Plantations. I didn't know there was such a Minister. The pilot was Dutch, I think. He still hasn't been found.


Speaking of election, Donald Trump has been featured on the international news segments of the newspapers. We watched CNN newsfeed out of Atlanta instead of London, with Wolf Blitzer. They came on at about 8 A.M. here. The results were a surprise, even a stunner.


I think everybody thought he would be beamed back up to whatever planet he came from and all would be well. Somebody, anybody, would take over from him. Except Texas Sen. Ted Cruz as he was worse.


My theory, everybody has one don't they, is anger with the Congress. I think people are so angry with that bunch that they needed someone to vent their frustration and Mr. Trump was the candidate. After all, they stopped every bill that would provide jobs relief. They were halted in committee or on the floor. Everything that President Barack Obama proposed was destroyed.


The Republicans are trying to deflect the truth. They are blaming President Bill Clinton for NAFTA, which was passed in 1996. That was 20 years ago, so let's get over it. Then they blame the 1%-ers, whom they say stole all the money. The problem is Congress.


I have a solution. What liberal Democrat doesn't? They should take each Congressional district where there is a strong Republican and stop all federal aid. Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare, Disability and everything else the federal government provides for would just be stopped. All federal projects would move out of the district to ones more favorable to the policies of the administration. Let the money trickle down to those residents who believe in it. Of course, it is illegal, but with Mr. Trump, all things are possible.


The campaigns for president are now over. Indiana brought the death knell to Senator Cruz after his father was accused of being part of the JFK assassination. Ohio Gov. John Kasich gave up, too. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is just an annoyance. Now, we can sit back and watch the show for the next five months and enjoy, while we pull the Democrat lever in November. I am so glad the Olympics are coming!


...Life is good. . . . .


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