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May 5, 2016

The Revamped Political Landscape

Harry M. Covert

The day is going to arrive soon when all of the “Republican establishment aficionados” stop running to their cubbyholes or dens and begin their lives as “posterior osculators.”


I realize the above may sound somewhat cynical and a bit on the ugly side, but it’s really difficult keeping a straight face amid the current national political proceedings.


The professional world of punditry, elitism and general guess work in broadcast and printed media does not have any penalty, of course. Maybe there could be some embarrassment, but that’s not noticeable as almost one hundred percent of opinion-makers have been proven wrong.


The honest-to-goodness discussions over the past six months or so have never been more than partisan blabbing – and erroneous.


Let’s recall the rolling success of “Make American Great Again.” Need I say it was Mr. Moneybags. As one wag has said: “if you can do it, it ain’t bragging.”


How many of the “wisest” recall the day of October 3, 1991 when a Democrat Arkansas governor took issue with the sainted Ronald Reagan and the esteemed George H.W. Bush presidential terms. The then unsophisticated William Jefferson Clinton called the previous terms as “neglect and selfishness and division” in announcing his presidential bid.


He inflamed more by saying he would “reinvent government” and “restore the American dream.” Most Americans had no idea about the “upstart.” The smart people then pooh-poohed the candidacy. They were wrong then and are undoubtedly at a loss today.


Despite the discussion that so many Americans aren’t educated and have so many faults, the people are speaking big time. Donald Trump has revamped the political landscape. Oh, my gosh, Bernie Sanders has played a part, too. Just what are the People, the voters, the taxpayers saying?


The message is loud and clear whether the “ins” like it or not. The national political leaders had better wake up and heed the will of the average people. It’s an insult to people to be considered unequal. That’s what’s being done.


We’ve all heard alarms of politicians who declare they won’t support their parties if they don’t like the nominees. That is certainly bull-hockey of the first order. The professional lobbyists, consultants, advertising geniuses, other hangers-on, and so-called experts, will be foaming at the mouth to kiss up, even to Mr. Trump and/or Mr. Sanders-Hillary Clinton.


Americans have seen this happen for ever. I could name names, those who said Bill Clinton would never ever defeat the sitting president. But I won’t. It’s rather difficult for those who say they’ll hold their noses but will vote for the man with his own Air Force One and Marine One helicopter. I didn’t forget, the same holds true for Mrs. Clinton.


Yes, friends, the nation is divided big time, probably more than ever since the Great Schism, the War of Northern Aggression – for the youngsters, the Civil War. There are still the scalawags and carpetbaggers alive and well.


If anything is true in the current climate, the kingmakers can finally understand what the nation wants, and that the people are demanding change in government, top to bottom. Everybody has a quarrel with the current status in the capitol, not just on Pennsylvania Avenue but Constitution Avenue as well.


What happens in November on Election Day will trickle down to every state and locality. It’s been exciting to watch the revolution. It’s been swell!!


How magical it is to read the qualifications to be president of these United States. The Constitution says 35 years of age and native born American. The Founders had it figured: the president didn’t need an advanced educational degree, didn’t need “learning” in economics, warfare, or anything else. Just an American, no ethnicity mentioned.


When we hear things like Mr. Trump or Mr. Sanders aren’t qualified to be the Chief Executive, just laugh. Can we take “it” anymore? Apparently not. And, and, and, why should we? I can’t think of any good reason.


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