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April 22, 2016

Millennialsí Dose of Reality

Joe Charlebois

The entrance of Millennials into adulthood is intriguing. As currently defined, a millennial is a person between the ages of 18 and 33. As adults, more Millennials are filtering their way into the arena of influencing public policy. Defining them is difficult. They claim to be independent; but, in reality, they are progressives, socialists and libertarians.


According to a 2014 Pew Research study, those surveyed are detached from tradition. Half of those surveyed consider themselves politically independent, while 29% did not affiliate with any religion. Less than 50% of Millennials described themselves as patriotic. This is a generation that has voted overwhelmingly in favor of President Barack Obama with 66% of the vote in 2008, and 60% in 2012.


Although the study clearly shows this group favoring the expansion of government programs, their attitudes toward social issues and constitutional matters differs little from the older generations. Looking through the data from this study one could easily describe Millennials’ skepticism through the eyes of a libertarian.


Over the past decade, many Millennials have protested against what they see as a corrupt economic system in the United States. What Millennials should know is that it is not capitalism they are fighting against, but rather a distorted and rigged system called “crony capitalism” – a systematic abuse of power that rewards contributors and supporters of an individual candidate or officeholder.


The system that has raised more people out of poverty and leveled the playing field for all is the free-market, laissez-faire system. It has made America the most prosperous nation on the face of the earth. Millennials who have demonstrated against the abuses that took place on Wall Street, as well as the use of politically directed taxpayer funds that Congress used to cover up for those same abuses, were in their right to demonstrate; and there was good reason, but they should not castigate a true capitalist system that provides real opportunity and prosperity, and, yes, liberty that we all can enjoy.


Millennials should rally for economic freedom, a freedom that allows a vast majority of businesses in America to operate profitably without unnecessary government intrusions and taxation.


Millennials should rally for freedom to choose an insurance policy that fits their needs, not a government mandated policy. Young men should not be required to buy maternity coverage for themselves for the sole reason of subsidizing the policies for the rest of America.


Millennials should rally for federalism. In a time where the importance of social issues carries so much weight for them and attitudes vary from state to state, they should be crying for state’s rights.


Millennials should be rallying against invasions of privacy and for civil liberties. They should hold accountable the administration and supporters of domestic spying, interrogation of American citizens without due process, the assassination of American citizens without due process as well as the use of domestic drones against American citizens.


Millennials should rally against amnesty for illegal immigrants. It is only the corporatists and statists that will benefit from the change in legal status. Incorporating millions into the fold will benefit the corporatists with legally providing lower wages through greater competition for entry level jobs. The statists look to gain permanent control of the federal government by creating a permanent underclass that will be reliant upon greatly burdened social programs that will keep them in office in perpetuity.


Most Millennials I know are caught in between the feel-good social issues of today, and the reality that a country like ours can only survive if it is responsible with a limited use of power.


Here’s hoping they are firmly planted in reality.


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